A Review About The 3 Week Diet

                The 3 Week Diet was developed by a nutritionist named Brian Flatt and it promises to help you lose somewhere from 12 pounds to 23 pounds in just three weeks. If you think about it, the promise of a considerable weight loss in just a short period of time seems a little sketchy but what do some 3 Week Diet review claims?

Does the 3 Week Diet Review Work?

A lot of reviews claim that the 3 Week Diet actually works, but if you want to lose around 23 pounds in just 21 days, then you’ll have to work harder than with any other exercise program you tried before. The 3 Week Diet offers individual manuals about exercise, diet, motivation as well as an introduction. Just about anyone can have a go at the 3 Week Diet but it’s not recommended for people who are under a medically supervised diet, vegans or vegetarians; the detox phase would require you to eat eggs.

Manuals Included

As we mentioned, there are four manuals included in the 3 Week Diet, namely:

  • Introduction Manual – explains in detail the science behind why we gain all that weight and tells the user what to do and what not to do in order to optimize the benefits of the diet.
  • Diet Plan Manual – teaches users how to properly calculate BMR to help figure the ideal weight. Not only that but it discusses what to eat when to eat.
  • Workout Manual – features diagrams of exercises alongside full instruction on how to perform them. Users will also be told how many of each exercise they’re required to do.
  • Mindset and Motivation Manual – it can be difficult to stay motivated all throughout the 3 Week Diet, this manual offers ideas on how to track the diet and maintain motivation.           

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