Benefits of Ar Coatings in Lens

You may have already heard about AR coatings or anti-reflective coatings. Be it in the form of electricity, light, acoustic or optics, AR coatings have proven its effectiveness in several applications. In optics area, AR coating is known for its ability to make your glasses easier to clean by preventing water, dirt and oil from sticking to the lenses. But aside from that given benefit, there are actually more positive effects of AR coatings that you don’t know yet. So to help you out, here are some of the surprising benefits of Anti-Reflective lens coatings.

Protection against UV Rays

One of the main benefits of AR coatings is that it protects our eyes from the unhealthy UV Rays of the sun. UV protection can be added to the lenses’ backside in order to defend your eyes from the UV rays reflected on different areas like windows and sidewalks.

Lenses Life Extension

Another benefit of AR coatings is that it helps you to protect your glasses against smudges and scratches that may result in damaging of your entire glasses. AR coatings will help you save money as you no longer have to replace your glasses too frequently.

Increase Visual Clarity

AR coatings with eci optical bandpass is also helpful in increasing the clarity of your vision. This is possible because AR coatings allow you to see the world by letting more light to pass through your lens and at the same time, eliminating glare. This will allow you to have clear vision. 

Enhance Your Appearance

AR coatings remove harsh reflections from your lenses. This will allow other people to see you and not the annoying glasses. Hence, you will now feel comfortable going outside despite several sources of light.

In general, AR coatings are very helpful in enhancing our lenses.

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