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SportsBender Exclusive: Oklahoma State University Installs In-Bench Breathalyzers

Stillwater, OK–The recent drug-related offenses of former Oklahoma State basketball coaches, Eddie Sutton in 2006 and Sean Sutton in 2010, threaten to overshadow the legendary “I’m a man, I’m 40” rant by Oklahoma State’s Head Football Coach, Mike Gundy. If each Cowboy coaching hire was as cognizant to the responsibilities of manhood as Gundy, the aforementioned arrests would not have emerged to tarnish the program’s positive progress in recent years. Newly-renovated Gallagher-Iba Arena, the Cowboys’ luxurious locker rooms, and the school’s training facilities remain rivaled by few athletic departments in the country, largely due to generous donations from billionaire Cowboy-alum, T. Boone Pickens.

Immediately after former Cowboys’ coach Sean Sutton’s arrest for illegal possession of prescription drugs, the OSU athletic department spearheaded a plan to prevent similar public relations “black-eyes” (or bloodshot eyes in the case of Sutton). The task force, after hours of debate and deliberation, reached the eventual conclusion that drug abuse by members of the school’s current and former coaching staff is unacceptable. Rather than firing all the current coaches as one coach suggested, the group focused on present and future preventative measures. T. Boone Pickens offered to buy all the booze in Oklahoma and store it in “a big bathtub,” but the group wisely reflected on the inadequacies of the Prohibition Era in the early 20th century. In the end, a simple, yet effective consensus was reached. Oklahoma State would install college basketball’s very first in-bench breathalyzer and “whizzinator.”

The OSU athletic department conveniently commissioned a small group of Stillwater policemen, as well as Oklahoma’s very own “Kelly Miller Circus,” to design the in-bench innovation. The collaboration resulted in a traditional breathalyzer hooked to a “test of strength” type arrow and “buzz” barometer. The sobriety scale’s 5 stages: Level 1, an illegal Deion Sanders and Dez Bryant wine-tasting party, Level 2, former coaching candidate and Oklahoma native, Billy Gillispie, Level 3, Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers, Level 4, Sean Sutton, and Level 5, Eddie Sutton.

The accompanying “whizzenator,” serves as a 7-inch hole near the end of the team’s bench, allowing the Cowboys’ coaches to supply pre-game samples. Inherently invasive, a breakaway curtain and padded lid were consequently added after the group’s initial test runs to the “X and O outhouse.” Expect other schools to intall similar “temperance tests,” including West Virginia, Stanford, Southern Mississippi, and Ohio.

Additional changes remain on the horizon for OSU. Officials will paint a straight line in front of the team’s bench on Gallagher-Iba Arena’s floor as an additional testing tool. The school also plans to change the court’s name from Eddie Sutton Court to Eddie Sutton Courtroom. In addition, the innovative folks at Nike have designed a new apparel line of orange jumpsuits for the Cowboys’ coaches. The revolutionary threads combine an anti-flask design (pocket-less) with the latest breakthroughs in “dry-fit” technology.

Ultimately, the Oklahoma State athletic department deserves a “Pistol Pete” two-gun salute for addressing the problems previously plaguing the school’s athletic programs. Hopefully, the rest of the NCAA will enact a similar zero-tolerance stance towards “skipper” sobriety.

The stories of drug and steroid abuse has shaken the very foundation of sports entertainment, not to mention the rapid increase in alcohol intake amongst players so breathanalyzer is nothing short of a boon in this regard as now games will seem like 안전놀이터, a playground of safety where there are no shortcuts to success.

New Orleans Lovers Become Football Lovers

It was late evening, we’d just gotten BabyBoy to bed and were letting the dogs out into the back courtyard to do their business, when the mayhem started. Happy mayhem, that is. Screams, shouts, car horns blaring, brass band horns blaring, people chanting, hounds howling.

Our beloved New Orleans had just made it to the Superbowl!

Our household is television free, so we weren’t watching. But Husband was listening online, and I, never really much of a football fan, was going about the nightly routine.

Something happened, though, for me and other previously non-football-lovin’ New Orleans residents. The cheers, the shouting, the wild celebration that makes up the pulse of New Orleans was now revved up and focussed on the Saints. Even those of us who mixed up defense with offense back in junior high are excited about those Saints now.

Yes, there are many new football fans in New Orleans this week. They’ve even gained their own name, “New Dats,” a play on the historied fan chant “Who Dat.”

But some locals made the conversion a little sooner. One such ahead-of-the-game football convert is local artist Gina Phillips.

Gina describes how she and her husband, musician Louis Ledford, became football fans in the wake of disaster in New Orleans:

“I never ever watched football before the beginning of the 2006 season. Louis and I were in the FEMA trailer and it was around the one year anniversary of Katrina at that time. We watched a lot of the one year anniversary stuff on tv…but a lot of it was hard to watch and it made me emotional to see it. We tuned in to see the first Saints home game because there was a lot of hoopla surrounding it…a lot of performers and of course you couldn’t help but to think about all the awful things that had happened in the dome one year before and also wonder over the quick transformation. Well, I didn’t expect it…but we kept watching the game and were surprised to see the Saints doing well.”

After this, Gina says, she and her husband started to watch football regularly and started learning the rules.

“The cool thing was that Louis and I got into this whole thing together,” says Gina. “Neither one of us knew anything about football. We had both made fun of ‘sports’ people…we didn’t understand what we saw as some kind of ‘mob’ mentality. After we got into it, we were really inspired by the way the team spirit brought the city together. The Saints success was one of the few things in NOLA that was working.”

And of the recent excitement, Gina says, “The last game was phenomenal…it was so close up to the very end. We started yelling ritualistically. After every touchdown we played the ‘Get Crunk’ song and danced around the room. One guy started waving a gnawed chicken bone at the screen during defensive plays. It became the lucky chicken bone and it will be resurrected for the big game this Sunday. After the winning field goal was kicked, we jumped up and yelled and cried and hugged each other…then we ran out into the street and jumped up and down and screamed. Everybody else in our neighborhood was out in the street too. Then we got some wine and ran up to the levee to see the city and make toasts. We were surprised there were no fireworks!”

Gina and Louis live in the Holy Cross neighborhood, which looks back across the curve of the Mississippi toward downtown. We are in the Bywater area, between downtown and Holy Cross, and we sure heard the fireworks. They must have been low-flying, but loud.

Gina expresses a sentiment heard this week from many New Orleanians: whatever happens now, it’s all good.

“For me,” says Gina, “I’m satisfied that the Saints made it to the Superbowl…I won’t feel terrible if they don’t win. This whole thing has made me love this city even more than I did before!”

Cities like new York or new Orleans are a few exceptions where people completely detest football as a sport and do not have a very high opinion about it. But the above story is a fine example that it where two detractors turned into diehard fans of a sport that they largely hated some time back and now aspire to become one themselves in the near future. For people with similar interests, all you have to do is to get the football index referral code from the site to polish their skills.

What Is The Procedure That A Sports Fan Needs To Go Through To Set Feet In Sports Marketing?

There is a difference between good and excellent marketing skills as told b the wise people. One makes the company look good, and others because the customer feels good. Now you see the difference, right? Well, this was about marketing that is a professional who can sell things! When it comes to showing off something you dearly admire, you can make it look the best and make people have it too. Here, the topic on the table is sports marketing, and thus if you are into sports very much, this is the job for you. Besides sports, if you are into poker, you can check out the Luxury138 and explore various gambling games online.

Coming off to the topic, that is how to set up a career in sports marketing?

Lets us first know what exactly marketing in sports involves. It is as necessary as buying tickets to watch the game and obtain the relevant sports products like t-shirts, important gaming pieces of equipment, etc. To set up your career as a sports marketer, you need to focus on these three fields. These fields are education, different career options in sports marketing, and the salary it gets you.

A pro or even an amateur in sports marketing needs to have basic knowledge about what he is doing and what he is ought to do.

In other words, the bachelor’s degree is a must for a sports marketer to have. Then different roles require different levels and types of knowledge. If you possess a master’s degree that it is even better. Here you are taught the tips and strategies to boost your sales and business in sports marketing. There you have a lot of career options to pick the one that interests you the most.

Benefits Of A Vertical Jump Program For Volleyball

Volleyball is one of those games which demands a lot from the players. From agility and stamina to acrobatic abilities, every single aspect is necessary. This makes it important for players to enhance their vertical jump techniques and following vertical jump programs are the most preferable option.

Following these programs religiously and keeping mind the vital tips to enhance your vertical jump is paramount in order to rise up above your opponents. There are various techniques involved in a proper vertical jump program and each of these techniques and ways of practice contributes to making your program successful.

Follow Fitness Experts And Athletes And Learn From Them

While deciding on a vertical jump program for yourself, it is advised that you check whatever content there is on the web regarding the technicalities of a vertical jump. Listening to fitness experts and proven athletes or famous volleyball players can help you immensely in preparing the best vertical program for yourself.

A lot is involved in a proper training program for vertical jump. Some of these important exercises of such programs are-

  • Pulls
  • Squats
  • Hip-extension exercises
  • Lunges and step-ups
  • Plyometrics
  • Upper Body workout
  • Medicine Ball exercises

These exercises might be considered to be incongruent of surprising in a vertical jump program but each of them is vital in order to give yourself the perfect conditioning. These exercises contribute to giving you the necessary conditioning required in order to optimize your leap.

A high vertical jump can give you an extreme advantage over your opponents and you can turn into the X-factor in your team. Given the right execution of the given exercises and a balanced diet to go with it, you might as well end up as an impressive volleyball player. As you’re into the program for a few days, you will start loving the process and enjoying the program just like you like gambling with Judi Bola.

Why Not To Change Workout Routine Regularly?

There are many questions with people who work-out regularly and one of the common ones that appear is ‘Should I change my Routine regularly?’ and this is commonly answered by saying changing the regimen regularly prevents the body from getting used to it. But overall, this is a common misconception similar to ‘should I change my DominoQQ gambling site to win better’. Working out regularly always provides results that help in building up muscles. But there are times when the body gets used to it and results do not appear and only then changing the routine is advised. So, that leads to the next question.

When to change the workout routine?

1. When your workout routine stops providing proper results that it is supposed to produce, then the problem of changing routine is definitely necessary. But, it does not mean that the total routine should be changed. Increasing the intensity of the training will suffice to start producing results again.

2. While the goal of a workout is not always the same, the routine should also be changed to reflect for that change. So, if the previous aim was to build muscles and the new one is to reduce weight, respective changes have to be made to the regimen like increasing the cardio.

3. Unforeseen changes – Any changes that prevent following the current routine like an injury or time constraint is considered unforeseen. These changes can require a change in the regimen which tries to focus on other muscles or increasing the intensity of the training to get the same result in a shorter time.

While all these reasons are very reasonable to change the workout routine that is set for a certain goal, getting greedy to get better results in a shorter time or setting unreasonable goals will not be acceptable for changing the routine.

Europa League Final: Pre Match Analysis

Europe’s second tier continental trophy will be up for grabs next week, on the 24th of May. The final will be held at Stockholm, the place where Ibrahimovic started his football career but sadly Ibrahimovic is out with his long term injury and will only be present in the stands. We can still definitely expect an exciting final between two European giants with a lot of history. You can check out sbobet casino for the latest updates.


Manchester United has a lot riding on this game as they look clinch the only club trophy that they haven’t won. Their Premier League title challenge was a failure and the report card of their entire season will rely on the outcome of this game. Jose Mourinho has previously won this trophy with Porto and would love to win it again. This trophy will also help United secure a spot in the Champions League next year, which they have failed to qualify through the league. Manchester United will be missing Rojo due to injury and also Bailly due to his suspension. All other players will be available for Mourinho to choose from and United will be looking to storm their way to their first Europa League title.


For Ajax, the game will be played exactly 22 years after their last European win, when they last won the Champions in 1995 with Justin Kluivert and Daley Blind’s father in the Ajax squad. Ajax have already secured the league and have booked their place in next season Champion’s League. This will be just for glory and the young squad will be hoping to bring European glory to the lustrous club from the Netherlands.


Manchester United and Ajax have faced each other just 4 times before in Europe and both have won 2 a piece. This will be exciting to watch as a squad full f young rising stars will take on the formidable giants of Manchester United for the bragging rights.

Tips To Help You Find The Right RCMS Agent

If you have passion for sports then you have a plethora of online options available to make up for your unavailability to be physically present at the sporting venues. If you are looking genuine betting sites to help you make some extra income while you play, hiring a professional agen togel would be a good idea. However, please bear in mind that finding the ideal or best RCMS agent is not a prerequisite for getting all the advantages that a betting site has to offer.

No matter which sport you like to play, learning never stops as it is a continuous process. If you are willing to learn and improve to make some extra money, nobody can stop you. When you are equipped with the right set of skills, it places you in a better position to understand the pros and cons of the game and play with an informed mind. Trusted RCMS Agents can greatly help you by making your game better. They cannot guarantee your win but they matter a lot to your performance.

When you play on the betting sites, it develops your ability to take decisions and be responsible for your decisions. An RCMS agent can help you but he will not take decisions on your behalf. You need to be open for both good and bad decisions. If you are adverse the idea of losing a game then perhaps you are not made for online gaming industry, because winning and losing are an inevitable part of it.

Before choosing a trusted RCMS agent online you must make sure that you check their experience and reputation. Many people take this for granted, however the importance of verifying agent’s experience and qualification cannot be emphasized enough. So, always look for reputed sites to enjoy your game and choose only the genuine RCMS agents.

Good At Predicting Sports?

A lot of people are great at making sports predictions, some of them end up with sports betting. Briefly, placing a bet about sports score or who is going to win is all about sports betting but there’s a lot of calculations and decision making beforehand. Online sports betting is now a new trend and since online money transfer has gotten a lot easier than ever before, anyone can now just open an account with a sports betting platform and get into predicting. If you are looking for a reputed platform, then the agen sbobet terpercaya from Philippines is something you shouldn’t miss.

However, sports betting isn’t only about opening an account and placing random bids. Instead, there’s a lot to learn before getting into this section of sports.

  • Join a Secure Platform: Unless you are on a secure and reputed platform for sports betting, all your investments are at stake. Why risk losing your money when the internet hosts a lot of reputable betting platforms? SBOBET agent is a great platform you can put your faith on; there are many others as well.
  • Know how to bet: Just don’t randomly through a value and expect to win. Learning to bet is a crucial skill a bet-guy needs to have. Lots of lucrative offers might pop up while you are scrolling through a betting platform, you need to know which exact one you should pick.
  • Recognize Finance: Know and manage your money well. Also, don’t allow the betting platform to take your money any time they want. You should have full control over your finances and you should only release the money to a bet once you are absolutelysure about that. Wagering cash looks gorgeous and that’s why it’s risky as hell.
  • Study before you bet: Know about the sport you choose and the exact game you are planning to bet on. Assess and verify each player’s profiles to know whether they stand a chance.


If you come out satisfactory in all these above criterion’s, you may now start placing bets in some betting platform(s).

Will Leicester Finish Above The Relegation Zone?

Leicester last season defied all odds and wrote a fairytale by winning the most competitive league in the world under Claudio Ranieri. They took three-tier world by shock and showed that anyone could do anything if they wanted. The entire introduced a lot of star performers to us in the form of Mahrez, Kante, Vardy and Schmeichel. Each and everyone of them has their own great story that could inspire and the entire world got behind a team that they didn’t know the previous season.Cometh the new season, a season which saw the departure of their machine Kante to Chelsea. Leicester did buy new players to replace Kante but still hasn’t been able to replace him as we have seen teams bulldoze them the entire season. They are currently lying 15th in the Premier League table and have also sacked their manager Ranieri which lead to a lot of hate against the management of the club. They have still managed to progress to the last 8 of the Champions League but also lie just 6 points off the drop zone.


The world is still looking onto the team and the sacking of their greatest manager brought a lot of shock amongst the fans but also brought a phase of good run. They are out of the relegation zone and have finally hit form. They finally look somewhat like the club that they’ll were last year and we could definitely expect them to play their way out of the bottom half of the table.

I would definitely bet my money on Judi Casino on them playing in the Premier League the next season. They’re finally been able to decide their best team which was absent under Ranieri in the new season as he rotated his midfield and attack too much and recoils definitely expect the likes of Mahrez to show their class again.

Gaming News – Latest Esports Wvents

Video games were traditionally considered to be a distraction to studies and even detrimental to one’s performance in academics. However, times surely change and people are becoming more open towards the concept of professional gaming and just people who game for a living. Why not though? As I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that many international gaming leagues and tournaments sell out within an hour, much like hot cakes – such is the demand. If you want to stay updated on the latest esports events then here’s a list of some websites that has got you covered.

  1. GameSpot:

GameSpot is the hub for everything gaming and games-related events. They mostly post game reviews on their websites but they also cover most of the major esports event happening around the world. What’s great about the website is that they offer exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of players who have attended coveted events in the world of gaming!

  1. CyberGamer:

CyberGamer are set up in Australia and mainly cover first-person shooter or FPS games on both PC and consoles, on their website. They also post news about the insanely famous Massively-Online-Battle-Arena or MOBA games, Dota and league of Legends. They also conduct tournaments and leagues of their own to promote gaming in Australia.

  1. ESFI World:

The ESFI World is a media outlet for latest esport news happening around the globe. They cover famous games like Starcraft 2, Dota 2, league of Legends and, combat games like Street Fighter et al.. They are known to attend events happening in real-time. Therefore, you can find footage of interviews of players live from the event along with screenshots and other videos capturing the event, on their website.

  1. Electronic Sports League:

Commonly known as ESL, they mainly cover the major leagues happening in Europe the major one being the Intel Masters Extreme tournament. The news content on their website mainly contains coverage of games like Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, FIFA, Battlefield 3, Counter Strike, and World of Tanks.

  1. Major League Gaming:

Popularly known as MLG, the Major League Gaming organize tournaments of their own in North America in games like Dota 2, Black Ops 2,  and Starcraft 2(Xbox) and they also update their website on the latest schedules, results, and even video replays of their latest events.

  1. LazyGamer:

Another leading news provider in the latest esports events is the Lazy gamer. They post reviews of consoles and video games but also cover international news related to major hanged like Dota 2,FIFA, and League of Legends.

  1. JoinDota:

As is evident from its name, JoinDota focuses mainly on Defense of the Ancient 2. The website contains information about the latest events, competitions, tournaments being held all over the world. They even separately feature players and team rankings  and their’s is one of the most active forums with hundreds of enthusiasts visiting and contributing daily.

Gaming is now considered to be a full-fledged sport and has gained recognition in the form of esports. Pro-gamers are officially licensed in countries like South Korea and rake in significant amounts in earnings each year. The growth of esports has been somewhat show outside of South Korea with tournaments happening in Europe, America, and China. The esports culture is only going to grow as more and more more players become involved with developed countries eventually embracing it.