DIY 101 – Creating a Sliding Miter Saw

A miter saw is a helpful tool in cutting angles across boards and metal. It has a circular blade and comes in different sizes. There are handy ones available for DIY projects you can do at home. It’s a must needed tool for when you’re doing carpentry work or even for your woodwork hobbies.

For a miter saw to be made as a sliding tool using an angle grinder, a few materials are needed. Below are the steps in creating your very own carpentry tool:


Step 1

Purchase the necessary materials needed:

  • Angle Grinder – blades can be replaced for this depending on type of material needed to cut wood or metal
  • Stainless steel full extension drawer sliders
  • Adjustable hinge plate
  • A 12×5 wooden board and a 24×15 wooden board
  • 2 pcs of 12 inch wood planks
  • Extra wood planks
  • 2 Spring coils with hook

Step 2

Drill 4 holes resembling a square on the 24×15 wooden board. Screw in the 2 pcs of 12 inch wooden planks. This is where your angle grinder is going to be placed.

Step 3

Attach the stainless steel drawer sliders on the extra wooden planks. This then goes on the 12 inch wood attached in step 2 so you can create a sliding motion with them.

Step 4

Attach your adjustable hinge plate and place 2 coils on each side so you can angle them up and down.

Step 5

Place your angle grinder. Make sure it is fastened and locked so it doesn’t shift when you’re using it.

You have now created a sliding miter saw with the use of an angle grinder. For a more detailed instruction with visuals, go to this URL and check out how it’s done. Be sure to be very careful in dealing with an angle grinder so as not to cause accidents.

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