Easier Ways To Have Vietnam Visa For Indians

Getting Vietnam visa for Indians is now made easy with online process! You don’t have to go to embassy in India to process your visa, and you don’t even have to submit document requirements for it. Just few simple steps for you to get your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport upon arrival!

Getting Vietnam Visa for Indians in Highly Convenient Way

If you want to travel to Vietnam because of varying purposes, you have to secure your passport and visa first before your departure. But now, you can just process your passport manually, and get your visa through online application.

You just have to do this process at least 6 months before arriving at Vietnam. Go to vietnamvisa.govt.vn, and look for the online application form you can use. Fill-up the form with accurate details reflecting your passport’s contents. Submit your details together with your payment. This won’t be a problem since you can pay via PayPal or using any major credit cards.

After submitting your application, you will receive an approval letter in your email within 2 business days unless you avail for speed-up urgency services. Print out the letter, including the attached entry form in the email. Prepare it together with your passport and 2 4cm to 6cm passport photos. Upon arriving at one of the 3 international airports of Vietnam, present the required documents and pay the stamping fee. You can then have your Vietnam visa being stamped in your Indian passport! This is also one reason why you must make sure that you have enough available space in your passport because the Vietnam visa is a full page sticker.

With those simple steps you must follow, you can have full convenience in getting Vietnam visa for Indians. Just remember to follow the law regarding visa upon your stay at Vietnam, and you can enjoy your trip with nothing to worry about.

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