Happn: A Unique Twist to Dating Sites

Whenever we go out of our house and walk around places, moving and going from one place to another, it’s no secret that we get to see a lot of other people around us. Sometimes, we unexpectedly get to meet other people who may somehow interest us, and to some extent, would make us want to pursue them. There are a lot of dating apps for free that allows us to meet new people, and there is an app that stands out in the market, as it tries to help you connect with people whom you have met at some point, allowing you to cross paths with them again. This app is no other than Happn. Here is a brief history of the said site.

About them

The app was created just 4 years ago, and is thus a relatively new app. It gives users the power to be able to find someone whom they have met in the past, and in the process, be able to get in touch with them. It started in Paris, and has managed to go beyond thousands of users. The brilliant brains behind the app are Didier Rappaport, Fabien and Anthony Cohen.

How does it work?

Dancing with someone in the club, getting on an elevator with someone else, seeing neighbors you have not previously known, or running around and getting into some restaurant. The app marks the paths that you may have crossed, and then matches them with other people who have been to the same place as you. Like other dating apps, Happn also comes with features that allow you to sync Instagram, and other social media accounts into it. Other conventions for dating apps also apply in Happn, such as posting of pictures, chats with other people, and the like.

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