How To Increase Toe Room In Your Snowboard Boots?

Have your snowboard boots start to curl your toes while snowboarding? This can kill the whole fun when you are out in the snow. It is ok if your toes touch the inside edge of the boots while putting them on. However, it’s a problem when your toes touch the front edge of the boots once you stand on the board and bend your knees. Access here for new boots but before you do that, there is a way to add more room to your existing snowboard boots. Find out how you can do that:

  • Get rid of the stock footbed from the boots and replace it with a thinner insole. As you add a thinner foot bed, it will give you more space and better support.
  • Another great tip for adding more room to your boots is to wear thin snowboarding socks. This will give you more room for wiggling your toes. An added benefit is that they are better than the thick socks if you want to keep your feet warm.
  • You can also add a heel raise to your boots for not just making more toe room, but for increasing support too. It will give a lift your heel, of course, and your heel will be adjusted in the back, giving you more toe room. That means your foot will be secured at the back of the boot. Keep one thing in mind, if you have a high arch, raising the heel will not be a good option for you.

  • If you think these methods might not work for you, then just take your boots to a repair shop for heat molding. The technicians know what to do. They heat the boot from the inside using a special equipment to match your foot’s dimensions.

So why throw or give away your snowboard boots when you can follow these tips to increase the toe room?

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