Kevin’s Seven Muscle Building Basics: Eat, Lift, Rest, Repeat

Here are the seven cardinal rules for putting on muscle weight, this is a simple way of saying “building muscle mass” These rules focus on the three essentials every good bodybuilder knows… Eat, lift, rest. How simple is that? I guess it isn’t exactly rocket surgery, is it? But in these three completely boiled down essentials, there are some nuances that build them up to this neat list of seven. In future articles, I will take each of these seven, break them down to three boiled down essentials, and then make another more detailed list…going back to building up a list of seven cardinal rules. How is that for a format? So, let’s start here:

1. Eat as many times per day as convenient. Make sure you stick with the “superfoods”. Don’t think about a meal like a chef would…think about the consumption of high quality, valuable calories. You need to keep your fuel tank full of amino acids and glycogen from protein and carbohydrates, so mix up the types of foods you throw in your mouth.

The reason for eating so often is because you don’t know when your body will call for specific nutrients, so make sure they are there when they are needed. Otherwise, your body will get cannibalistic, and start to devour it’s own muscle tissue, counteracting all that hard workout work. This is where you will find testogen review really helpful as you get to learn more about Testogen and how it can help you in building your mass muscle.

2. In addition to this constant eating, make sure you down a protein drink immediately after a workout. You want to boost your insulin levels immediately after a workout. That will aid in faster muscle development by synthesizing these muscle-building proteins.

3. Do the big, powerful lifts with heavyweight and low reps. Utilize the powerlifting lifts…Squat, bench press, and deadlift. These will work for compound muscle groups, very effectively.

4. Overall sets should be up around ten to fifteen. Just a couple of these and a few of those are not going to have much impact on muscle growth, and remember, you are eating a lot. Don’t put on “fat weight!”

5. It is just as essential not to over-train, so be sure to keep sets within the 10 to 15 range. Doubling that number is going to be very counterproductive. Do not think for a moment that you will double your results.

6. You should avoid training for more than two days in a row. Even then, NEVER train the same muscle group two days in a row. It is a very basic bodybuilders mantra…Rip ’em then rest ’em!

7. After a session of this kind of intense training, six weeks in length, it is a good time to take an overall sabbatical. Do this by leaving the weights alone for a week to ten days. If you are an addict that can’t handle the separation anxiety you experience when away from the gym, train very lightly for two or three weeks. Think cardio and lightweight /high reps to get a little definition to that hard-earned, new muscle mass.

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