Runescape Private Servers

This is a server that is not owned by the managers of Jagex but by a private person. With this Runescape private server you are in a position to custom the game in whichever manner you please. Is this really legit? Ican’t tell for sure if it is.Survey has it that, Blizzard and Jagex companies_ the original owners _have shut down servers in the past year. The developer of these serves have been sued in court and faced heavy lawsuits. This said, I would rule out that you can play your favorite game at your own risk.

For safety purposes I will take you through a few tips on how to avoid scams in Runescape private servers. Player always have some up their sleeve, they are very determined to use trickery on to their own gain in the game.

To be on the safe side:

  • Never give out any personal information treat your password with value as it were the pin for your platinum card.
  • Ignore any player trying to scam and report them immediately this way you will protect the rest of the Runescape fraternity from the scammers.
  • Ensure you understand the exact value of your trade items and you avoid fair trade deception
  • Some players only switch trade items at the last minute, closely scrutinize the second trade screen before affirmation.


  • The desert is the only place that lacks safety for trading, here you face the risk of being killed by the players who use the luring scam. Avoid going to the wilderness.
  • Some external websites and advertisers use links as a way of scamming others and acquiring their passwords and usernames. Avoid viewing such sites.

Basically, when the deal sounds too good think twice. Adhere to the above mentioned tips and you won’t fall victim of scams.

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