Social Media And Piracy

Just as technology has improved so as social media networks. This rise has paved way for hackers to pirater Instagram, Facebook and other social networks..Instagramdevelopers have come up with several ways to protect their users’ accounts from Instagram pirates and hackers. However, hackers and pirates have come up with ways to hack through several accounts and copyright private content. Just like hacking guides are easily available on the web, so are pirated content from social networks. Digital piracy has been on the rampant after Netflix and Hulu left a dent in the market. However, with free movies and videos easily available in the market, privacy protection services are being hyped. Accessibility to movies, videos and photos has not been relatively available and cheap. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social sites at the moment therefore, pirating photos, videos and memes on Instagram has increased over the years as the app becomes famous.

  • How social media enables piracy; social media applications are characterized with the share capability. It is easy to share links from Instagram directly to other apps like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter blogs. With this ability of being able to share embedded information, piracy work has also risen. Instagram as well as other social media apps have enabled copyrighting. Torrents are shared on the web and the app can easily be accessed without having to download it to your phone.
  • Possibility of social media combating piracy;Instagram has helped spread privacy in some aspects. Social media as a whole may hold the key to being the root course to piracy trend. This is because users have found more than one way to stream for content from sources despite companies finding ways to monetize privacy.


Instagram as well as other social media networks can arguably be considered to be the root course of spreading and supporting piracy. The above tips will help you thwart any attempts from Instagram pirates bent on hacking or messing up with your account.

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