Steroids In Body Building: Yay Or Nay?

One of the most commonly-heard materials that are used in the realm of body building and/or sculpting would most definitely have to be steroids, specifically, anabolic steroids. These usually come in injections or pills, with the latter the one being used more often. There are a lot of crazy bulk reviews out there which highlight the importance of having steroids or alternatives to it incorporated in the fitness routine. What are the good sides and bad sides associated with its use? Let’s find out below.


In a nutshell, there are 4 major advantages associated with the use of steroids, and these includes being able to lose weight quickly, be able to build muscle up and thus, achieve the ideal muscle mass, have a fast recovery from a strenuous workout, and of course, be able to have energy and stamina, not just throughout the workout session, but afterwards. While looking good and feeling great is something that could be achieved with determination and just the right amount of time, it wouldn’t hurt a bit if you would want to fast-track your progress, or at least have enough sustained energy to fuel you through the day.


While getting results fast may be something we want, there are some minor disadvantages associated with Steroids in Body Building, specifically the anabolic type. These include having an oily hair and face, and in some instances, having acne and severe hair loss associated with the increase in testosterone in the body. This could also be the cause of mood swings, as well as heart disease and liver disease, especially if it would not be taken care of immediately. Whenever you opt to take steroids, always consider the risks and the possibilities. Make sure to never go beyond what the prescription states.

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