The Other Side Of Honey Badger

If you’ve known about the fearless honey badger, you already know how ferocious these little creatures are. They could easily show you how looks can be totally deceiving if you find them having cobras, crocodiles, turtles or even big cats as their dinner. However, you would want to know more about them, thus you would like to read about the other side of their life. Know how does honey badgers interact with each other, and how do they live in a territory.

Know About the Other Side of the Life of Honey Badger

Generally, honey badgers are solitary in nature. They often live alone, albeit it’s also observe that some of them live in small groups in places where food is abundant. They have an average of 500meter radius territory, and they also interact with some other honey badgers in it.

It’s observed that honey badgers only interact regularly during mating season. Males leaves right away after mating, and females takes charge with the cubs. Also, it’s observed that there’s a dominant male in a territory, and this male honey badger is more likely the father of around 50% of the cubs in it.

Even though these little thugs are known to be vicious and cunning especially in fighting, the young ones are often the target of predators like lions, leopards and jaguars, or even victims of older male honey badgers. Nevertheless, they are smart enough to adapt in their habitat as they grow up, and develop the skills of an adult honey badger.

It’s fascinating to know more about these fearless and carefree creatures, and there are still so much to learn about them. Aside from being ferocious, they are also smart enough to match the intelligence of some primates, and is also observed to use tools for several purposes.

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