Top Three Xbox 360 Headphones

Headsets are very important to a gamer can better the playing experience of a gamer by a huge margin. Some headsets can make a player enter their world of alternative reality with the help of immersive sound quality and create effects and that is why buying the right headphone is very important. That’s why we have written this article to help you with the best headset for Xbox 360.


The Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven is definitely one of the better looking and performing headphones in the market. Even though it doesn’t come in a wireless version and the wires can be a headache sometimes, you will definitely like this pair due to its brilliant performance. It is the official licensed headphone of the MLG Pro Circuit and looks beautiful due to its supreme build quality. The clear and defined audio is easily customizable with the help of DSP and the leatherette cups make it a very comfortable choice.


The Tritton Warhead 7.1 headset was exclusively built for the Xbox 360. It consists of super comfortable ear cups covered with faux leather that will help you to game comfortably for a long time and even the battery is said to work for 16 hours constantly. The surround sound from the noise cancellation earcups is very impressive and this is definitely the most balanced out headphones in the market.


The Astro gaming A40 is another great headphone for the Xbox 360. It is lightweight and comes with very comfortable ear cups. Other than this it is powered with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound technology and MixAmp Pro, which allows you to adjust quickly between chat and game sounds. Now coming to the most important sector, sound is very impressive and very balanced which makes this another great choice for a headphone.

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