What Makes Solar Nails Best?

Have you heard of the solar nails? If you haven’t then it is high time that you read some awesome facts about them so that you can also follow the trend:

They are refillable

Ordinary acrylic nails get damage within just a week so. You have to visit the salon again and again to get your nails done. But that’s not the case with solar nails. They are refillable. Your nails will not damage or chip. After 4 weeks, you can get them refilled and have well-groomed nails again.

They don’t discolor

In case you are worried what will happen to your nails during extreme sun exposure, then take a sigh of relief. They will not discolor at all. You can go the beach and enjoy tanning while being worry-free of the condition of your nails.

They are durable

These nails are durable as compared to ordinary nails. They don’t break or chip off. As several layers are applied to the base, they last longer and they don’t break easily.

They are shiny and glossy

If you like nails that are shiny and glossy, then you are going to love solar nails. Their shine does not go away even if you expose them to water.

They are not like the acrylic nail extensions

They are not like the acrylic nails which are placed directly on top of your nails. That means your nails will chip or damage. Solar nails are simply applied directly into your real nails without causing any damage.

If your experience with acrylic nails was not good, then it is recommended to go for solar nails. They may be a bit expensive but eventually, you are going to be happy with the results. All you have to do is find the right salon from where you can get solar nails.

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