Who Is Your Favourite For The Premier League This Season?

The Premier League title is up for the race this season and situs togel online terbesar believes that it doesn’t look like Manchester City are going to control the title race like they did last season. Liverpool and Chelsea are up their neck with Arsenal and Tottenham hanging out just around the corner. Still who are the Premier League favourites and who would you have your money on this season.

Liverpool right now look like the clear favourites to win the Premier League this season. They have the most formidable attack who on their best day could take out the best team in Europe and their victory over Paris St. Germain showed us exactly what the team is capable of. This year they have covered their backs also as most of Klopp’s teams tire in the second half of the season due to the high intensity football that they play but he has bought Fabinho, Keita and Shaqiri, who will allow him to rotate his squad efficiently.

Manchester City are the holders and they definitely look like they mean to win it this year too. They added Mahrez as their attacking threat in the summer and they also have a couple of very talented individuals coming through the academy that will provide cover to the starting squad. Their squad depth is definitely covered and they are the only team in the Premier League that could compete with Liverpool when it comes to both quality ad depth.

Sarri’s Chelsea has a completely different look compared to Conte’s Chelsea. They are more fluid and attacking but they will require to stock up on two players in every spectrum of their game as a couple of players like Gary Cahill look for their way out of the squad and due to their lack of cover in any position.

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