Wireless Charger For Your Iphone

Contrary to what many believe, wireless have been around for years but popularity is sure at an all-time high because international brands like Samsung and Apple have decided to add the features to their devices. Take note though that the iPhone wireless charger is automatically compatible with the latest phones like all the versions of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X; the older models will require converters and adapters to make them compatible. As of now, iPhone wireless chargers or any wireless charger from any brand is not required and is only an accessory subject to the preference of the users.

Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Designed to charge all iPhones from the iPhone 8 and up, the Mophie Wireless Charging Base only requires you to place the phone on the wireless base and the charging will automatically begin. Thanks to the design of the non-slip housing, the device is ensured the perfect placement each and every time. Since the package already includes the wall adapter, everything you need to get started can be found in the box. As for the charging speed, Leverages Qi technology makes sure that the charging speed stays at a safe pace of 7.5W.

Also implementing some of the many characteristics that Apple is known for, the Mophie charging base features low-profile designs and is perfect for just about any location. The overall design includes a rubberized finish which protects the phone from any possibility of getting scratched. The 360° TPU coating doubles as a stable surface to drop and charge the device. If you purchase this wireless charging base at Apple’s website, take not that it will be serviced by their brand, since it does not bear the Apple Brand name; it has a 2-year limited warranty, directly contact their customer service support of technical support team for related issues and inquires.

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