3 myths on Email Marketing which are further from the truth

Email marketing is one of the most effective and time-tested tools when it comes to strong online marketing. But, there are certain myths going around in the market for long that discourage or mislead many new or aspiring email marketers in the scene. Beware of reality and don’t fall prey to these myths. here is the source link of the post which offers a brief on the top myths of email marketing which are far away from truth.

Unsubscribers are a huge loss

No email marketer wants to lose out on existing subscribers. But, you should understand not all subscribers you have now are actual potential for you. There are some who subscribe with disposable email id since they are not really enthusiastic about your offerings. It’s better to chuck them out of your list as soon as possible and focus on only the most relevant and potential customers.

Subject line should get optimum importance

Contrary to the popular myth subject line of your email isn’t the most important aspect of your promotional email. In fact, according to a recent study, email recipients attach more importance to the sender of email. When an email lands in an inbox, it’s the sender’s name that they see first as it’s mentioned in the left. We are accustomed to read from left to right. So, anything that will be mentioned on left will receive the primary attention. The bottomline is, you will have to work to make your brand name more valuable to make your recipients open the email.

Weekends aren’t great for email campaigns

Well, this assumption doesn’t hold ground any more. The actual assumption was people mostly needed to check emails for work and preferred to stay away from computers during weekends. But things have changed today as people now have on-the-go mobile browsing devices (read smartphones) and they are glued to them almost all the time. So, your emails won’t stay unattended if they are sent in the weekends.

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