A Wedding Memoir in brief! Read to know

When my husband and I were engaged, we knew we wanted to have a memorable wedding… but we never imagined just how memorable it would end up being. We were in an unusual situation, where we were living in eastern Washington, but we would be getting married in western Washington (at the church my husband grew up in). We made several trips over to the Seattle area during the months leading up to the wedding to work on wedding plans, and attend our wedding shower. But the memorable part started on the day we headed out from my parents’ house in Cheney to go to my future in-laws’ house in western Washington. It all started on a November morning in 1996.

The day we left, there was a snow storm in eastern Washington. We decided to go ahead and attempt the trip. We honestly thought we could make it. So we head out, but the trip is not an easy one. In fact, the drive was so slow that it took five hours to reach Moses Lake. Normally, it only takes about an hour and a half to reach that point. When we got to Moses Lake, we went to a Les Schwab, and they got some chains put on our tires. It was late enough in the day by the time they had finished, so we decided to stay in Moses Lake for the night. There was no way we could safely make it to the Seattle area in those conditions.

The next morning, we headed on our way and made it over to the Seattle area. The next several days were spent getting final preparations made for the wedding. The night before, we had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. I can still remember having to practice how to properly walk down the aisle as a bride. It was actually a lot of hard work.

The next day was the big day, and there was some more snow to deal with. While it wasn’t ad bad in the Seattle area, eastern Washington was affected. But I remember arriving at the church and going to the brides’ room to get into my wedding dress. My maid of honor and my bridesmaid were on hand to help. After we were all dressed, the photographer spent some time taking pictures in the brides’ room. When he was done, he left to start taking pictures in the sanctuary. I had to wait for what seemed like a long time, until I was escorted to the sanctuary. The best man and groomsman escorted my soon-to-be husband in the sanctuary, and covering his eyes so he wouldn’t see me right away. After he was given a chance to take in how I looked in my wedding dress, more picture taking got underway.

While we were in the middle of taking pictures, we were informed that our friend who was supposed to be in charge of playing the music for our wedding reception was unable to make it over the pass. Since we had provided all the music and a way to play the music, we asked my sister (who was my maid of honor) if she could take on the DJ duties. She had no problem doing it.

We were finally told to take our places and get ready for the wedding. I remember having butterflies in my stomach as I stood next to my father while he was dancing on lancaster pa wedding dj beats and   totally forgot about the food I was having. Would I do the walk down the aisle correctly? Would I somehow manage to trip over my dress and make a fool of myself? Before I knew it, Dad was escorting me into the sanctuary and down the aisle.

To be honest, a lot of the ceremony is a blur to me now. I know that we exchanged vows (which we wrote ourselves), that we exchanged rings, that a friend of my husband’s family sang a song, and that my husband and I walked down the aisle as man and wife. But a lot of it is a blur now. The wedding itself was a simple affair, which was necessitated by the fact that so much long-distance planning needed to be done.

Then, we had the wedding reception. Like the wedding, it was a simple affair. My husband and I did all the things expected at a reception — throwing the bouquet, throwing the garter, cutting the cake, dancing, and signing the marriage license.

While the wedding and reception itself may have been simple, the weather going on at the time made that time in our lives quite a memorable one. And that simple wedding that took place at the First Christian Church of Kent has produced a marriage that has lasted for a little over eleven years as of this writing.

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