All About CDX Plywood

CDX plywood is one of the most common woods used for flooring and creating furniture. CDX plywood price is affordable too. It is, in fact, better than solid wood for a number of reasons.

Usage of Plywood

  • It is easy to spot Plywood used in various wooden items. The wood is thick in size and it consists of knots, fillers holes and patches. Such a quality might make you think whether or not this wood is good to use, but it is still amazingly strong and inexpensive too.
  • Plywood is mainly used as a base material or foundation for constructing roofs. As the plywood is durable, it is best for building materials. You can also use it in craft projects.
  • Plywood does not need polishing, it has a sanded surface. Yes, that means both of the sides of the wood are rough.

Meaning of CDX

In case you are wondering what CDX means, here is the explanation:

C: It is one side of the sheet, which refers to grade C and it means the surface is average

D: It is the other side of the sheet that has patches and small holes

X: It refers to the glue which brings the layers of veneers together

The wood is not really in high-quality, but it is economical and powerful.  The reason why it is inexpensive is that the machinery and labor required to assemble the wood panels is not expensive. Solid wood requires a lot of labor and cutting and crafting is tough. Plywood sheets are almost identical whereas solid wood is available in different grains, shades and moisture. Although plywood is used for making some furniture items like tables, chairs but people still prefer using solid wood for making such furniture items because of the sturdiness. Plywood, on the other hand, is best for roofing and flooring.

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