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Review Rock Band Special Edition For Playstation 3

I came across Rock Band Special Edition for Playstation 3 about two weeks ago for which I get know from Situs Judi Online Slot and later buy it for according to my prominence. I didn’t feel like coughing up the $149.99 that Sam’s Club has it priced at, yet every time I was in Sam’s I found myself drawn to the set. As soon as I learned that the Special Edition was harder to come by, and that the game was now being sold in parts, I figured I may as well buy the last one on the isle, before it was no longer available, and I was forced to buy all of the rock gear separately..

In The Box:

The Special Edition of Rock Band for PS3 comes with everything you need to start your little virtual band.

You have a drum set with wooden drum sticks, a guitar, a microphone, and of course the Rock Band game.

Set Up:

Setting the band up was simple. The guitar only needed to have the upper handle clicked in to place. The drums came with a little stand that was very easy to set up, and only required us to click things in to place. The microphone was already in one piece, and was probably the highest quality piece of equipment in the box.

The drums were extremely rickety, with hard plastic to hold the set up on the stand, a foot pedal that seemed poorly constructed, and the guitar appeared to be a guitar hero guitar wanna be.

After setting everything up, I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the equipment.

Game play:

My boyfriend and I felt semi nerdy beating on a drum set with wooden sticks, so we ended up packing the entire set up, and brought it to my sisters house.

Here we created a band which we called Insomniac Asylum, (yeah we are dorks).

Immediately we realized that the 40GB PS3 only comes with 2 USB plugs, and Rock Band requires 3 USB ports to use all 3 of the instruments. This pissed me off because the box didn’t mention anything about needing 3 ports… we figured it out – after opening the box.

There are different modes to play. You can start a band and go on tour, or you can just jam to select songs without going on tour.

Going on tour is the funnest though, because as you advance new songs unlock in the game.

The Guitar:

The guitar that comes with Rock Band Special Edition is a good sized piece of plastic, with buttons to press in at the top of the guitar stick, and towards the lower part of the guitar stick.

The buttons are color coded on the sides, and like Simon Says, you hit the buttons as the game feeds them to you. You have to hit them on time though or you could end up failing.

The guitar is ‘wireless’, but the wireless adapter needs to be plugged into a USB port in order for the guitar to be registered in the game.

The Microphone:

We had to unplug the guitar to play both the microphone and drums at the same time. -On the PS380GB model, there are enough USB ports to support all of the instruments.

The microphone is the only thing in the kit that seemed to be well constructed with heavy duty material. After plugging the mic in, we now could sing along to tunes. The game would display the words at the top, so even if you don’t know the song, you could sing along.

What is cool about playing Rock Band using the mic is that it displays the tone you should be at in order to pass.

One huge issue though with the microphone though is that when you sing into it, you barely hear your voice coming through the TV’s speakers, which sort of ruin the whole virtual rocker vibe.

The Drums:

The drums were the hardest thing for me to play. I had a hard time keeping up, and due to the small pads, I ended up hitting the sides quite often, which would result in me missing, and lowering my score.

The pedal sits at the bottom of the kit, and is meant to be pushed down with your foot whenever you see an orange bar on the screen. The drums are probably the most challenging out of all of the other pieces that come with the set.


There are quite a few neat songs that are packed on the Rock Band disc. You have Blue Oyster Cult, Don’t Fear The Reaper, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Weezer, Faith No More, Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, and many many more.


If your PS3 is hooked up to online, you can download tons of other songs from a giant list at the PS3 Marketplace. Titles though cost money, which puts a HUGE damper on things. I feel that if you already bought the game… content for that game should be 100% free! Unfortunately they find ways to suck more green out of you by charging you per song.


Even though our PS3 only has 2 USB ports, we still took turns jamming on the plastic guitar, slamming on the drums, and pathetically singing into the microphone thinking that we were Rock Gods!

Even though it was so far from being a real band, it was still a good time nonetheless. We actually found ourselves fighting over the mic, the drums, and who’s turn it was.

Although this game feels very much like Guitar Hero, it adds that much more to it.

Rock Band Special Edition does have it’s quirks, and it does seem to be made poorly, it is however still fun, and we still had a kick ass good time.

The Main Aim Of The Video Game Cheating!!!

You will find a lot of singleplayer videogames are out there where people are doing cheating. It has become one of the most important of the game where they are collecting a lot of resources by making the use of cheats and so many other things.

After starting a game, every player is paying attention to three important things like execution, story, and content of the game. If you don’t want to get blocked by the developers, then the user should make the use of genuine cheats that will able to improve the chances of winning in the game. A lot of professional gamers are making the use of cheats because they want to achieve certain goals in the game.  You will find a lot of people are paying close attention to the achievements of the game. Let’s discuss the main reasons behind the video game cheating.

  • Win the game

If you want to achieve something in video gaming, then it would be better to make the use of cheats that is considered as one of the great things in every game. All you need to visit on that is providing a lot of cheats to the users.  If you don’t want to break the streak of winning the try to make the use of cheats that is considered as one of the great and time-saving tools that are offering a lot of benefits to the users.

  • Best option

Cheats are considered as one of the most important options for those who want to earn a lot of score and in-game resources in the game.

  • Coursework

Finally, a lot of people are making the use of cheats that are improving the chances of winning and creating interest in the game.

4 Awesome Superhero Fighting Games

After a long and tiring day at work, there is nothing more relaxing and entertaining than playing an online game.  With the continuous advancement of technology, online games are now accessible anytime and anywhere. Through your mobile phones, tablets or even your PC , you can now play your favorite online games. In relation, one of the most played video game categories in the gaming world is fighting games. With a lot of challenges and intense action, a lot of people are highly into this kind of game. Hence, here are some of the best superhero fighting games that you should try playing.

X-Men: Children of the Atom

For a lot of fanatic players, X-Men: Children of Atom is the first ever superhero-fighting game that has everything it takes to attract a lot of gamers. It is also considered as the first Capcom fighting game that featured chracters from the Marvel Universe. Released in the year 1994-1995, this game involves the iconic characters from the iconic movie.

Marvel Vs. Capcom

This game has been highly praised by gamers across the world because of the creativity feature of this game. Aside from the fact that the developer untended to mash up characters from the world of Marvel, it also offers the variety and unique bizarre stable of Capcom-related properties.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Created and developed by NeitherRealms studios. This game has an amazing game dynamics of recent mortal kombat titles. Players have wide variety of characters to play in this game like Batman, Superman, Joker, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, Captain Marvel and many more.

Marvel’s Contest of Champions

One of the best things about this game is that it is very straightforward. This game offers different villains and heroes from across the multiverse against each other.

To play some of these games, you can visit situs judi online.

Some Extra Sweet Video Games Based On Comics- Explore The Top 18.

Video games are a mode of entertainment and hence a good storyline and a plot are characteristic of every leading video game discovered so far. Understanding that most love stories sprung around these video games, many people have devoted themselves and their special friends into using bandarq.

Based on this, some cute and indulging video games can be stated as:

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Unchartered
  • Pac-Man
  • Cheezburger
  • Half-Life
  • God of War
  • Deviantart
  • Parappa the Rapper
  • Penny-arcade
  • Super Mario Odyssey Sequel
  • Farmville
  • Metal Gear Solid 4
  • Bethesda
  • Mass Effect
  • Sonic A.M.
  • Gotta Go Fast!
  • Dorkly

What makes these video games more appealing to the audience?

Some of them depict a love triangle between three friends and among these three, a guy owns the discretion of taking the other two girls on a date to the Gold Saucer. The game plays out as the girls try to win the middle-man’s heart. Other games are based on fan-fictions. These gameselaborate on the role of two tiny ballsthat are playmates that fight and cuddle with each other. Moreover, with the use of shudders and graphic details these gamesare made interesting for the audience.

Collectively there are many games on missions and the pride of a soldier on winning the love of his love. These gameshave become popular amongst casual players as they also tend to reveal the whereabouts of the characters in the privacy of their castle. Consequently, many games lead on to discover how two characters of the plot come together and fall in love with a rhythmic yet unbelievable love story. The game follows with the recurrent nostalgic of the brewing love life between the two leads of the game which makes these games sweet and enchanting in the minds of the audience.

What Is The Best Board Game Ever?

Whenever there is a family gathering, camping with friends, slumber party with your cousins, or even if you’re bored with your friends, there is one thing that could save up the idle time of gathering – board games. Since back then till now, board games have been part of our lives. More than just a form of entertainment, it has become a platform where friends and families can have a time together to play and bond. As time flies by, several board games have risen that people across the globe really enjoy. Hence, in this article, we picked the best board games ever.


Everyone knows what a scrabble is and almost everyone has tried playing this game. This game is very easy to play. You only need to have wide vocabulary to be able to win in this board game. Using a standard dictionary and a crossword puzzle format, lettered tiles are use to form words. Hence, you need to form words as many as you can.


Back in the year of 1903, Monopoly is a family multi-player classic, with a boar, set pieces, two stacks of cards and a bank of cash. To be able to determine the winner of this game, he or she must be the one with a lot of properties bought and cash on hand.


Another interesting board game is Catan. This game engages players to strategically develop, manage and earn victory points for the rich Island of Catan. You need to navigate incidents, vying resources and maintaining resources.

Axis and Allies

This game is inspired by the World War II. Unlike any other board games, Axis and Allies focuses more on battle action.

For more reviews of these board games, you can visit the page of Rebecca Zamolo on YouTube.

Do Gaming Skills Helped in work life?

Does gaming help to develop real practical skills? Well, skeptics would prefer to differ as they mostly consider the activity to be addictive and a sheer waste of time. But, what they don’t understand is that gaming can actually help a person to develop some amazing skills. Yes, you heard it right- and gaming skills could even help you in your workplace. The post below offers a brief on how gaming skills can help in work life.

Help to spot patterns and cash in on them

There are certain popular games which make the players learn diverse patterns to level up in the game. These games need a player to deal with massive information and find the right pattern to thrive in the higher levels.

When you look at the job world, there are several career options that need professionals to handle large volumes of data. These jobs require one to find definite patterns quickly from massive data to derive insights. You can take the example of stockbrokers here who need to conduct extensive research and predict financial market conditions- based on key patterns. You can check out South Africa Today for post on stock market for beginners.

Ability to solve problems

Video games constantly challenge players with powerful enemies and hard-to-crack obstacles. Such a situation compels the players to deal with odds bravely and find out a way to prevent and beat those challenges. This way, video gaming eventually helps players to develop strong problem solving skills.

Businesses, irrespective of industry and size, have to face several challenges over time. Thus, employers always look for dynamic employees who have the right attitude and skill to face and solve the challenges faced by their firms.

Ability to take quick decisions

Some video games are quite a test for players’ reflexes. These games need you to take decisions in split-seconds to stay on track in the game. It gradually helps a gamer to develop fast decision making agility which is no doubt an asset in the business or job world.

Online Math Puzzle Games- these free websites make math enjoyable for your child

Math is one of the subjects which are either loved by the child immensely or the child is really fearful of it. If we say websites are rendering free and enjoyable ways for your child to learn subjects including math. Isn’t that wonderful! As a parent, one is concerned about a child’s education and DominoQQ is serving parents by providing puzzles on Math. While surfing the internet one can come across innumerable puzzle games which engage the child and is learning for the child.

Child’s development with puzzle games, Is it plausible?

If your kid is afraid of math or has difficulty in the subject; these puzzle games are the medium for you.

  • Improvement in Problem solving skills: Math and puzzles both include a problem-solving approach to reach a solution. Toddlers and children think, implement and then solve the math puzzles; this strategy development will help the child all lifelong.
  • Game-based learning and a boon to child’s brain: Puzzles make the child learn while playing and they love to reach a result taking interest and pleasure. The concentration and brain power of the kid increases with solving math puzzles and then there are time constraints which improve the performance of the memory overall.
  • Portable fun: In the digital age, these fun math puzzles can be played on any device and at any time. The kids can be engaged on PC or mobile devices with this visual cognition method.
  • Motivation: As the student keeps on solving math problems, he/she becomes inspired to solve further and the concern of math turns into passion for the same. The sense of achievement boosts the self-esteem of the child.

This online gaming is an educational tool in an entertaining way. Many free websites are available, so let your child begin the challenge.

How to control your kid’s video game addiction

A lot of kids nowadays are rarely seen outside, basking in the sun. And if you do see them outside, they are neither playing soccer nor basketball. Instead, you can see them looking down, totally indulge in the screen of their smartphones, fingers rapidly pressing the screens.
You might be wondering what they are doing right? Well, they are certainly togel online. Online gaming is not totally bad because it actually develops a child’s strategic thinking. However, too much exposure and time consumed playing it is also one of its negative effects. This is actually one sign of video game addiction.

Signs of Video Game Addiction:

Video game addiction is one of the rising concerns of parents around the world, and it is often seen with the following symptoms:

  • Hard-core video game players play for a long period of time, to the point of missing meals or disregarding necessary needs such as hygiene and sleep
  • Violent reaction when asked to stop playing or when forcibly stop
  • They get defensive when their gaming habit is being questioned
  • All they talk about is their games

How to control your kids’ video games addiction?

Though the common approach that most parents do is to ban video games, there are actually a few processes that they can do properly to slowly ease their children out of their video game addiction.

  • Try the game with them
  • Keeping a log of time spent or schedule of playing video games
  • Agree to spend some time doing other indoor or outdoor activities aside from video games
  • Acknowledge the achievements they get in real life
  • Let them play in moderation

Video games both have their pros and cons. It is entertaining as well as dangerous for our kids. It’s up to us parents to learn how to draw the line to make sure that your child will enjoy their video game time while also having a great time living in the real world.

5 Relaxing Games To Play After Work

Does the gamer’s blood still flows within you or the reason why do you play today is for you to relax or just to enjoy? Whatever your reason is, that’s up to you.

In the real world, which is our world, we have to work in order for us to make a living. Regardless we are a full time gamer or not, but having no job, you cannot afford your basic needs or your hobby. But working for a long number of hours will stress you out, drain your energy, and get you tired. Thus, once you come home, you have no time for some game.

Just like the old saying that says all work no play makes you dull, the same also applies in life. If your day are all focused on work and you have no time to relax or enjoy life, then that makes your life boring and that also makes you live a life without living the life you have.

For some advice, we would like to recommend these 5 relaxing games for you to play after a long day at the office. I know it’s only a game but it will also help your body relax and unload the stress that you had acquired all throughout the day.

The reason why we suggested that you should take a break after work and play some games because we know for a fact that stress can have negative effects on your body. To support that, there are some studies in different countries that one of the common reasons of illness or sickness is stress.

If you want to live a little longer and live a life, then take a break once in a while. Also, if you have no time with some of your friends, try to encourage them to engage into BandarQ so that all of you can chat, play, enjoy and relax while distressing yourselves after work.

Why Playing Sports Is Good For Your Health

Sports is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body and stay on top of your fitness game. Regular physical activities energize the internal muscles and organs that help you to get back in shape. Added to that, sports is also great for mental well being. The post below offers a brief on why sports is good for health.

Healthy body weight

One of the best benefits of playing sports is certainly a balanced body weight. Physical activities boost metabolism that helps to shed down unwanted fat to get you that dream sculpted portfolio.

Keeps diseases at bay

Unwanted fat and obesity are the chief reasons behind several chronic diseases such as cardiac problems, diabetes, bad cholesterol, hypertension and so on.  As sports help to burn down unwanted fat, it enables one to prevent those diseases easily. Also, sports makes you physically stronger and boosts your immunity. Powerful immunity further helps the body to fight diseases effectively. In fact, sports can even prevent cancer risks in certain cases like lung, colon and breast cancer.

Enhances joint flexibility

Regular exercise enhances joint flexibility which helps to stay even more pro-active. Besides, good flexibility even reduces injury risk.

Enhances muscular strength

Sports involve exercise on all your body muscles that leave you with stronger bigger muscles as well as powerful endurance.

Prevents osteoporosis

Sports improve your bone density which consequently prevents risks of osteoporosis.

Beneficial for mental health

As mentioned previously, sports is great for mental health too. A physically active body is better capable to release endorphins that keep stress & anxiety at bay. Alongside, sports and gaming enhance cognitive health big time. Whether you play soccer or take to BandarQ, you will develop improved concentration, perception, fast decision making skills and better judgment powers.

Prolonged life

Sports is the key to a healthier, fitter as well as longer and more fulfilling life.