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3 secrets to buy amazing Hollywood outfits for less

Are you looking for ways to save money on your Halloween costume without compromising on the festive vibe? The good news is there are plenty of ways to cut costs on both kid and adult halloween costumes today. Well, you must be eager to know more about it now. Don’t worry, the post below shares some top secrets that will help you save some good $$$ on your Halloween party outfits.

Shop early

Just like you can secure some handy discounts on your flights if you shop early, you can save on your Halloween costumes too if you follow the same route. By “early” means almost a year ahead of the next Halloween. The tip is to buy a Halloween costume for the next year just a day after the Halloween of the current year. However, if you are buying for kids, make sure to get costumes in one size bigger since kids grow very fast.

Shop late

If you are looking to save on the Halloween costume of this year, the above tip won’t work- but this tip will. There are many shops that offer last minute deals on Halloween outfits on the day of the festival or a day before it. It’s because, most of the people would be done with their Halloween shopping couple of days before the festival which means the remaining outfits won’t get much attention in these two days. Thus, shop owners start a kind of clearance sale to sell off the remaining costumes which can get you around 75% discount.

Get pre-used costumes

Are you okay with wearing pre-used costumes? Well, that can help you to attain some really hefty discounts on your Halloween shopping. There are multiple consignment shops and online classified portals that feature Halloween costumes which were possibly worn just for once.


Things To Consider When Buying An MRE

When you hear the MRE being mentioned anywhere, it refers to rations which are light in packaging; they are specifically meant for the USA military to use when they are out there in the field in conditions where they cannot find other food facilities. A simple box of an MRE can cost as much as $105.5 after buying from the suppliers; that is the approximate costof the defense supply center.Where else can you get meals ready to eat for sale?  If you visit the following places, you won’t miss getting MREs at different prices.


Ebay is the number one selling place where you can get MREs outside the military base. Here you will be able to get various types of MREs, cases, dates, quantities and so forth. You can get a shelf of MRE for sale under the “Buy it Now” which will be at a reasonable price of about $45.

Someone In the Military

If you have someone who works in the military, you can use them to get for your meals ready to eat because they normally get them during training and other field exercises.

During Gun Shows

If you visit a local gun show, you will be able to get meals ready to eat at reasonable prices of between $45 and $60 with some vendors having individualized MRE components of heaters, entrees, sides, and snacks for sale.

Surplus Stores for Army

In these stores, you will be able to get MREs, but the downside is, they are always expensive; a case of 12 pieces per case is sold at as high as $80 while a single piece goes for $8.

Now that you know the various places you can get the meals ready to eat, get going and buy some for yourself.