How To Buy Dascoin

Dascoin is the newest and most innovative cryptocurrency in the market with world class blockchain tech and a KYC (know your customer) authentication which serves for a most secure system and a decentralized network. In the Dascoin structure, more attention is paid to stability, efficiency, and security.

The motive of this Cryptocurrency is to create a safe and valuable network for individuals and institutions to store their financial assets in the bid to grow their business exponentially.  There is a way for everyone to be a benefactor of this great innovation.

How do you buy Dascoin? Dascoin can only be purchased by becoming an active member of NetLeaders. You can do this by choosing a package and NetLeader provides you with a license to network. This membership gives you access to cycles unit of networks. What do cycle units do for you? Cycles, when purchased are submitted to DasNet system, they are then converted to Dascoin values. This is essential because only 8.5 billion units of Dascoin cryptocurrency will ever be minted, and the minting will begin after submission of cycles to DasNet. Now you can imagine what the rush is all about! There are various packages of cycles that can be purchased and different offers than come with them. The packages for Dascoin cycle units are;

  • Standard – you get 1,210 cycles for €100 which translates to 417 Dascoins
  • Manager – €500 gets 6,050 cycles, that is 2,086 Dascoins
  • Pro – €2000 gets 26,400 cycles which translates to 9,103 Dascoins
  • Executive – €5000 would yield 71,500 cycles, that’s 49,310 Dascoins. This is the most popular package from current reviews.
  • Vice-president – €12,500 gets 357,500 cycles, that translates to 170,690 Dascoins
  • President – €25,000 receives 357,500 cycles which is 493, 103 Dascoins

For more information, refer to the official Dascoin website.

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