How To Win Her Back If You Are The One Who Dumped Her?

So, you dumped your girlfriend but want to win her back? This article will help you win her back but only if it is still possible.

Contrarily to common beliefs, sometimes, getting your ex back when you are the one who did the dumping is way difficult than if you are the one who was dumped and it is more difficult in case of an ex girlfriend than it is an ex boyfriend, because when the ego defense mechanism system of a woman is triggered, it is not easy to get it down, however if it worth the trial then why not? Let’s try but in the right and least risky way.

In case of ex wife, it is a bit easier to get back, especially when you have kids or anything that may sound like a good reason to get back rather than love itself and the emotional side.

Regardless of the degree of difficulty, an old love is worth trying. Just make sure that your feelings for her are entirely sincere and that you’re not just wanting to get back with her out of guilt or jealousy if she had another guy in her life. Viagra Original uses and side-effects should be in the notice of the people. The consumption of the pills is according to the prescription of the experts. The love and romance in the life of the partner’s relationship is retained. The getting of ex back is simple and easy with the product. 

How to win her back

Few things to know before even trying:

  • No one can guarantee that you will get her back.
  • This is a unique case, so other get her back advice will not work.
  • This case is very similar to to the one when you want to know how to get her back after cheating on her, so i recommend to check this article.
  • In addition, you have to know that either the no contact rule or even some kind of psychological tricks and mind games will work in such a case.
  • You do not have control over the time. It would take either days or months to get her back, because sometimes waiting and being patient is the only choice you have.
  • You do not have control over the other guy if there is one in her life. You will be lucky if he makes some mistakes, however id he does not, it would be even harder to get her from him.
  • Although we all know the well known fact that women are emotional in the first place, we tend to forget this fact from time to time. If a woman gets hurt by a man, she rarely gets back to him because she want to avoid the getting through the same pain again.

Some women are even more emotional to the extent that they fear getting into a relationship even with another guy.

So why am I telling you that? Well, because you should take this into your consideration when trying to get your woman back. You have to detach yourself from the old image of you- the guy who dumped her, otherwise your chance will be almost zero.

You should not feel guilty as you dumped her in the past, simply because you must have had a reason for that dumping. If the reason is related to her, then I can say that it was even the best decision you made, however if the reason is related to you, then instead of feeling guilty, you have to do her a favor. This would be either by wishing her a happier life with the other guy, and being there for her whenever she needs you or by totally leaving her alone. Just make sure that you do what makes her more comfortable and happier.

Go to a quiet place where there is no distractions, set with yourself and grab a pen and a paper then ask yourself how and why you dumped her and why you want her back, then write all your thoughts down. Do not try to remove any thing just be natural and write everything jumps into your mind. The purpose of this step is to be sure that you are going to do the right thing by trying to win her back again. That may include 

  • The reason you dumped her was related to you or her.
  • If it is related to her, was it something serious? For example, Did she become alcoholic?
  • Does this reason still exist or it has ended.
  • Did she cheat on you?! If so, man up and never ever try to get her back or to make some lame excuses for her.
  • Do you want her or it is

You feel jealousy of the other new guy in her life.

You feel guilty and want to make up for her.

Your ego was harmed when she started to move on.

You have some issues in your life and need her support, and when you end your problems, you will leave her again.

Just make sure that you want her just because you love her, because if it is not related to love and related to any of the above, it is easier enough to deal with the above issues than trying to get her back, and it is better for both of you. Trust me on this.

After analyzing your situation, just make sure you do it right and to make the right decision. If you finally decided to get her back, then jump to the next step.

Talk to her like a man. Never beg or try to convince her, simply because if she wants to get back together with you, she will pave the way for you. Yes, she may test you to make sure that you can be trusted again, but she will let you get in her life again only if she wants to. So, no need for begging.

Now, let’s go into some details..

How are you going to talk to her to make sure that she will agree to get back with you

Well, there is nothing like this.. All you have to do is to be kind and still respect yourself. You can say that you was wrong when you left her, but do not disrespect yourself to please her. Just call her and talk about general things and see how she responds to you

If she responds to you then tell her that you want to hang out with her because you need her opinion about something, and do not reveal more than this.

When you meet her, be natural and tell her all what you feel, and remember to be funny regardless of anything. Even if she did not accept, it is okay. Just keep a smile on your face, this only may double or triple your chances for getting her back.

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