Legal Status Of Marijuana

The legality of cannabis has always been a topic of great debate especially due the old myths about the plant being debunked due to the research on it. The United States Congress has finally showed an open mind towards this topic since the time of Reagan and it is not just the Democratic libertarians but also the conservative Republics. The people up at congress has noticed how Portugal had a way better effect on their battle against drug abuse after legalizing and taxing and control the amount of drug that can possessed by a person.

Cannabis or Marijuana is a Schedule I Drug in the United States which means that it was the highest chances of being abused and has no health benefits along with cocaine. In fact drugs like Meth and Heroine are below Marijuana in the Schedule II column. That is absolutely crazy when you think about.

The myth that Marijuana doesn’t have any health benefits have also been completely removed almost all states have legalized some form of medical marijuana or the other. This has been a great been boon to people who have suffering from epilepsy and depression as it has shown tremendous difference while treating people. The medical effects are completely due to the chemically active compound called CBD present in Marijuana and efficient methods have been found to extract CBD oil from cannabis while removing THC which just has psychoactive effects.


Legalizing Marijuana has increased the amount of taxation of the state and studies have shown that by 2020, the cannabis industry will be a multi-million dollar industry. Medical Marijuana and recreational marijuana has been completely legalized in California, Washington, Massachusetts, Alaska, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and Maine. The legalization falls under jurisdiction and will be fined or even jailed if you are found to be breaking the rules.

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