Roulette The Little Wheel

People around the play tech casino bonus world visit casinos such as pkv games for gambling and or betting. Gambling has been around for ages in one form or the other. Even our forefathers loved to gamble. Things have changed since then; but to date, gambling remains a very potent tool to make quick money (provided you are lucky and there is no cheating).

Apart from physically going to a casino, you can now start gambling from the comfort of your home by using your computer and the Internet. If you are familiar with gambling, then you must be aware of roulette. It is a very famous and interesting game and people generally try their luck by playing this game. You can also play online bingo for fun at Littlewoods Bingo.

You have to put your money on any of the numbers; it can be one number or a combination of numbers, (two or if it is an intersection then four), which are available on the spinning wheel. Numbers 1 to 36 are available (on the board) for you to choose from and put your money in the game of roulette. Apart from numbers, you can also put your money in colors, black or red. You have another option of putting your bet on odd or even numbers.

After everybody is through by placing their money on their desired spot, the wheel is made to spin in one direction, and simultaneously a ball is placed (if the wheel is rolled in a clockwise manner, then the ball is thrown in an anticlockwise manner) on the spinning wheel. As the wheel loses its speed or momentum the ball finally settles in one of the brackets (it can be a number or color) and if you are the lucky person then the ball will stop at that number. This is how roulette is played.

Roulette in gambling is a very fair game and if there is no cheating involved, then you can safely put your stakes and leave the rest on your destiny. If for any reason you cannot find any good online casino bonuses, simply give Rich Internet Casino a try.

Various Top Casino Sites Online

Today online gamblers have any casinos online where you can choose one among them. As there are so many sites online, it is quiet difficult to select one among them. To help out the gamblers, below are few top online casinos which you can find on net.

Caribbean Gold Casino : It is one of the best casinos we have on net. This has been in the market from 2007 and has been offering different types of fun and excitement to its players, pkv games. You can never go wrong by choosing this site as it is under the supervision of English Harbor Group which is best know for operating top online casinos. As the site uses Excellent Vegas Technology, players can have the best real experience from this site. When talking about games, it offer wide ranges of games like video poker, card games, slots, table games and various other casino games.

It is one of the best casinos we have on net. This has been in the market from 2007 and has been offering different types of fun and excitement to its players. You can never go wrong by choosing this site as it is under the supervision of English Harbor Group which is best know for operating top online casinos. As the site uses Excellent Vegas Technology, players can have the best real experience from this site. When talking about games, it offer wide ranges of games like video poker, card games, slots, table games and various other casino games. Silver Dollar Casino : This site has been in the business from 2007 and gives the best gaming experience to their players. The site offers excellent range of games like roulette, slot machines, poker and black jack. You can play these games either with downloads or without downloads. Silver Dollar Casino is best known for its wide range of bonuses. Along with daily bonuses, they even offer weekly and monthly bonuses to its players.

: This site has been in the business from 2007 and gives the best gaming experience to their players. The site offers excellent range of games like roulette, slot machines, poker and black jack. You can play these games either with downloads or without downloads. Silver Dollar Casino is best known for its wide range of bonuses. Along with daily bonuses, they even offer weekly and monthly bonuses to its players. Super Slot Casino: If you are looking for an online casino site exclusively for slots, then Super Slot Casino is the prefect place. The site offers more than 45 types of slots games to its players. Although the site mainly focuses of slot games, it also offers various types of casino games.

Online gambling sites now have a lot of games to offer like roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. They offer interesting variations to the game as well, and offer rewards like cash back, promotions and the jackpot. Most of the jackpots pick the person who places the highest bets and according the wins are decided, but it not be the case all the time.

Cost Free Internet Casino Online Supplying The Real Pleasure Of Free Online Betting

Free Betting house online by pkv games qq proves to be a sensible way to get pleasure from a variety of online game titles without the real money required. These days betting house gambling does not have any for a longer period been really the only property on the upper lessons. With the actual addition of the web gambling establishment world, avid gamers can enjoy casinos for funds or keep things interesting in that way covering men and women coming from all spheres of daily life.

Absolutely free gambling establishment on the internet vs. standard territory primarily based casino houses

The cost-free online casinos on the internet are simply methods to love gambling establishment game titles without having real money. With the inclusion of totally free gaming services online, you don’t need to in contact with the duty associated with more complex fees. An old-fashioned betting house will not ever assist you to play free of charge. This concept of gaming free of charge has developed simply with the online casinos of found day. The free of charge gambling house games has emerged as being a satisfying discretion action to appreciate totally free.

Cost-free Gambling establishment On the net: Benefits

Family resource: Absolutely free internet sites involve high-quality sound clips and images. Activities on offer in the totally free gambling establishment internet sites can be simply played out as many fun games through the acquisition of the application. Whilst actively playing at these absolutely free online casinos, all players are chosen with a selected number of details to start up and go through recreation akin to any genuine online casinos.

Be sure that your level of privacy: Most totally free gambling houses on the net employs security technologies. This technological know-how offer state-of-the-art solitude and safety to all or any people actively playing on-line.

Best to master and perform: Cost-free world-wide-web online casinos are a fantastic strategy to participate in and generate while doing so. It provides people the opportunity to wind up in the positioning and comprehends the tits parts associated with any recreation. It is possible to take danger with the free on-line casinos as there’s nothing to reduce in any respect.

Gambling: Absolutely free video gaming sites permit participants to experience various online games. These include online games like electronic poker, blackjack, pai gow poker, baccarat, lotto, live dealer roulette, and wow. For inclusion, you’ll also get a selection of specific bonus products, competitions, and special offers. All game enthusiasts buy a chance to play with other participants from various parts of the entire world.

Free Casino houses – How to locate them?

If you ever seeking no cost casinos on the net then you need to understand that you have lots of web pages over the web which allow you to perform free of charge. In case you an internet connection user, it’s easy to obtain the online internet casino program. Accessing the free software application usually takes a little bit of your time. If this may get downloaded, your future move is going to handle the installation in your residence computer.

How you can sign up for any betting house totally free on the internet game playing website?

When you look for the internet online casino web pages on the world wide web, ensure that to discover the most recognized models. After choosing a site, the following stage will be to sign up and make up a playing account. However, before enrolling and signing on top of any website, make sure whether or not the chosen website is a lawful single or otherwise not. It will also help you to be sure far better actively playing encounter.

Some ideas when participating in cost-free wagering internet sites

For pros, taking part in the absolutely free site is definitely not a problem. An expert will likely be well aware of the necessary moves but for individuals with less experience, it’s recommendable to have a standard system. It will likely be beneficial if new players discover individuals that are pretty much typical to no cost online on-line casinos. You can certainly place their support or go through a gambling establishment guide and make an absolute strategy of your personal.

10 Stupidest Reasons To Play A Hand Of Poker

There’s a lot to be said about hand selection in poker games. Usually, different hands are revered for their high value and organizational relevance. Still, that doesn’t keep people from playing some real crap for stupid reasons.

These are the top 10 reasons not to play a hand of poker

Just Because

This isn’t even a rationalization. This is an excuse that you give your mom when she asks why you didn’t clean your room or take out the garbage. When there’s money at stake, it’s a bad time to be contrary for the sake thereof. There are many reasons available to play at pkv qq site to get the right results. The checking of the poker tables and rooms is necessary to get more winnings. There is an increase in the bank balance of the players. The use of the right tip will provide the benefit to the gamblers.

There’s Possibilities

One of my old poker buddies always justified playing hands by saying, in a smug voice, “I got possibilities.” Three cards to make two-pair or a runner-runner straight draw is not possibilities. Quit saying that.

It’s A Three-Gap

Is that your way of saying you’re drawing to a straight? Don’t you know that only one three-gap hand can make the nut straight, and all the rest are going to lose ingloriously to the much more often played no-gap connectors? And hey, two-gap players, you’re not so much better. Wipe that smile off your face.

For “Future Value”

There are plenty of drawing hands that will get you in a great position if you hit the board right, so you don’t have to play all kinds of disorganized hands just to prove to your opponents that you will do it. Drop the 5-3.

To Get a Bad Beat

In essence, a player who does this is spite incarnate, trying to catch lightening in a bottle and be the scourge of another tighter player. Maybe if he inflicts a bad beat, the victim will be so jarred that they’ll almost play as badly as the beater.

Because You’re Down

Loosening your standards to try to get back to even might be a sign of clinical gambling addiction. How do you feel about that?

Because You’re Up

You’ve found a strategy that works for you and now you want to change it? Go ahead, you don’t deserve to win anyway.

No One Would Expect It

Ah, yes. Very sneaky raising with that 8-3 under the gun. When you steal the blinds, everyone will be so embarrassed when you show.

It’s Soooted

This is one of the flimsiest reasons I’ve ever heard, as if somehow catching a flush with your 4-2 is a sure thing. A four-flush board will destroy you. A five-flush will negate you. A three-flush doesn’t even ensure a win! Is it really that good a hand?

It’s Named

Playing a hand because it’s named is like playing trying to invoke the power of the name from the hand. Setting aside hands that are complete crap like, for example, the Doyle Brunson (10-2) that still have some kind of interesting or intimidating namesake, do you really want to invoke the power of the Gay Waiter (Q-3)? I used to play with people who made up names for hands like Jesus Christ (J-3), just so they could play them. Don’t be that guy.

How To Win Her Back If You Are The One Who Dumped Her?

So, you dumped your girlfriend but want to win her back? This article will help you win her back but only if it is still possible.

Contrarily to common beliefs, sometimes, getting your ex back when you are the one who did the dumping is way difficult than if you are the one who was dumped and it is more difficult in case of an ex girlfriend than it is an ex boyfriend, because when the ego defense mechanism system of a woman is triggered, it is not easy to get it down, however if it worth the trial then why not? Let’s try but in the right and least risky way.

In case of ex wife, it is a bit easier to get back, especially when you have kids or anything that may sound like a good reason to get back rather than love itself and the emotional side.

Regardless of the degree of difficulty, an old love is worth trying. Just make sure that your feelings for her are entirely sincere and that you’re not just wanting to get back with her out of guilt or jealousy if she had another guy in her life. Viagra Original uses and side-effects should be in the notice of the people. The consumption of the pills is according to the prescription of the experts. The love and romance in the life of the partner’s relationship is retained. The getting of ex back is simple and easy with the product. 

How to win her back

Few things to know before even trying:

  • No one can guarantee that you will get her back.
  • This is a unique case, so other get her back advice will not work.
  • This case is very similar to to the one when you want to know how to get her back after cheating on her, so i recommend to check this article.
  • In addition, you have to know that either the no contact rule or even some kind of psychological tricks and mind games will work in such a case.
  • You do not have control over the time. It would take either days or months to get her back, because sometimes waiting and being patient is the only choice you have.
  • You do not have control over the other guy if there is one in her life. You will be lucky if he makes some mistakes, however id he does not, it would be even harder to get her from him.
  • Although we all know the well known fact that women are emotional in the first place, we tend to forget this fact from time to time. If a woman gets hurt by a man, she rarely gets back to him because she want to avoid the getting through the same pain again.

Some women are even more emotional to the extent that they fear getting into a relationship even with another guy.

So why am I telling you that? Well, because you should take this into your consideration when trying to get your woman back. You have to detach yourself from the old image of you- the guy who dumped her, otherwise your chance will be almost zero.

You should not feel guilty as you dumped her in the past, simply because you must have had a reason for that dumping. If the reason is related to her, then I can say that it was even the best decision you made, however if the reason is related to you, then instead of feeling guilty, you have to do her a favor. This would be either by wishing her a happier life with the other guy, and being there for her whenever she needs you or by totally leaving her alone. Just make sure that you do what makes her more comfortable and happier.

Go to a quiet place where there is no distractions, set with yourself and grab a pen and a paper then ask yourself how and why you dumped her and why you want her back, then write all your thoughts down. Do not try to remove any thing just be natural and write everything jumps into your mind. The purpose of this step is to be sure that you are going to do the right thing by trying to win her back again. That may include 

  • The reason you dumped her was related to you or her.
  • If it is related to her, was it something serious? For example, Did she become alcoholic?
  • Does this reason still exist or it has ended.
  • Did she cheat on you?! If so, man up and never ever try to get her back or to make some lame excuses for her.
  • Do you want her or it is

You feel jealousy of the other new guy in her life.

You feel guilty and want to make up for her.

Your ego was harmed when she started to move on.

You have some issues in your life and need her support, and when you end your problems, you will leave her again.

Just make sure that you want her just because you love her, because if it is not related to love and related to any of the above, it is easier enough to deal with the above issues than trying to get her back, and it is better for both of you. Trust me on this.

After analyzing your situation, just make sure you do it right and to make the right decision. If you finally decided to get her back, then jump to the next step.

Talk to her like a man. Never beg or try to convince her, simply because if she wants to get back together with you, she will pave the way for you. Yes, she may test you to make sure that you can be trusted again, but she will let you get in her life again only if she wants to. So, no need for begging.

Now, let’s go into some details..

How are you going to talk to her to make sure that she will agree to get back with you

Well, there is nothing like this.. All you have to do is to be kind and still respect yourself. You can say that you was wrong when you left her, but do not disrespect yourself to please her. Just call her and talk about general things and see how she responds to you

If she responds to you then tell her that you want to hang out with her because you need her opinion about something, and do not reveal more than this.

When you meet her, be natural and tell her all what you feel, and remember to be funny regardless of anything. Even if she did not accept, it is okay. Just keep a smile on your face, this only may double or triple your chances for getting her back.

Pai Gow Poke: What You Need To Know

Pai Gow Poker is a modern casino table game played with 52 cards with one Joker added to the deck to make the game less predictable. Although the name is similar to Pai Gow which is played using Chinese dominos, there is no resemblance between the two games. The game is extremely popular all over the world as it gives the game of poker an added dimension and is easily available online for players across the globe, ufa is one such credible platform for you. 

It is comparatively a recent game, having only been invented in 1985 by a casino owner who hoped to entice a wealthy Asian clientèle. He was successful not only in attracting more customers, but actually launched his game all over the world. The actual game of Pai Gow is very similar to stud poker, but there is another hand to add in some unpredictability. The addition of the joker in the pack also adds to the difference in the games and makes the game a different dimension from regular poker. To start the game, each player is dealt 7 cards as opposed to the 5 cards in 5 card stud. The cards are arranged and split into two different hands. 

There is the high hand, and the low hand. The high hand consists of 5 cards, and is scored as in 5 card stud. The scoring should be familiar with anyone who plays poker – with the lowest being face value, then pair, two pair, straight, flush, three of a kind, four of a kind, straight flush and finally royal flush. The ace can be high or low depending on the hand the player has. The low hand consists of only two cards, and these are scored by the face number of the card, or if the card is a pair. The suite does not matter. The highest scoring low hand is a pair of aces, and the lowest scoring is a 3 and a 2. These cards are then compared with the banker who has prepared his cards in the same way. The high hands are compared together and the low hands are compared together. If the player wins both hands, then the player wins the bet. 

If the player loses both, they lose the bet, and if one wins one, and loses the other, then it is a push, and the money is returned to the player. There are some rules governing which cards the player must put in each hand. The high set of cards must rank higher than the low set of cards (according to poker rules). Of course, you cannot get flushes, straights in the low hand and so if you get a high set of cards they must go in the high hand. This determines the strategy you can use and prevents players from blocking bets by putting the best cards in the low hand all the time. The joker can be played in either hand, and acts as a wild card in either hand. There is only one wild card in the pack and it can make a lot of difference to the outcome of a hand.

How to Combat Winter Dry Skin

Anyone who has lived in a dry climate will tell you itchy, winter dry skin makes you miserable. This is because our skin, the largest organ in our body, is made up largely of water. In dry weather conditions, our skin is literally sucked dry wrapping us in a large itchy covering – literally.

Many suggest ways to combat the problem. Most suggestions include tepid showers, slathering on moisturizers, and staying out of the wind and weather.

In the high elevations of the northern Rocky Mountains the weather gets dry and cold. Furthermore, this is big ranching country and staying inside is NOT an option. To make matters worse, when one comes in from the cold, nothing sounds better than a nice hot shower to chase the chill out of their bones. Of course, most chores have to be tended to morning and evening. In other words, this is a process most ranchers’ skin undergoes twice a day. Clearly a recipe for winter skin disaster.

It does not have to be. In fact, while tepid showers, slathering in moisturizer, and staying indoors may work, they are not the only option. Furthermore, the simple suggestions below are cheap, easy to use, and best of all they are tried and tested in some of the harshest weather found in the lower forty-eight.

To combating winter dry skin you need to focus on three points:

– the ‘soap’ you use

– the ‘moisturizer’ you apply

– the ‘fluids’ you drink

The Soap You Use

Soap is drying. It extracts the oil from your skin. As these natural lubricants are removed, your skin becomes stiff and brittle. Thus every moment pulls and stretches and irritates. Scratching, of course, further complicates the problem.

For most people living in dry climates, oil build up on their skin is the least of their worries. Since oil removal is not really an issue, some suggest using no soap at all. However, after a day working with animals, most ranch folks want something to wash away the smell and dirt.

The best soap for combating winter dry skin is baby soap. Because baby soap is specially formulated for an infant’s sensitive skin, it cleans without harsh drying chemicals. If the thought of walking around smelling like a toddler does not appeal to you, there are unscented baby soaps on the market which work just as well.

The Moisturizer You Apply

While using baby soap in that nice hot shower will help avoid stripping all the natural oils from your skin, hot water and winter dry air combined still extract a lot of your skin’s moisture. Thus it is important to replace the oils being removed.

Moisturizers only sit on the surface of your skin. While this helps to seal your skin, lubricating and further protecting from moisture loss, it often leave your skin with a slightly greasy feel. While many recommend this skin cream or that hand lotion, effectively combating your dry skin can actually be accomplished with neither. Through the pills available at site, the belly fat of the person will be reduced. The healthy body will not invite diseases and will fir for long period. 

Here in the northern Rocky Mountains, folks have found a different product for controlling their winter dry skin. A product which is cheap, easy to obtain, and easy to use. Hair conditioner.

Hair conditioner contains many moisturizing qualities found in hand or face lotion. However, because it is designed for hair, it is less greasy and usually lighter in composition. Furthermore, if you apply it correctly, it disappears leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized – but never oily.

To work most effectively, your moisturizer needs to be applied immediately. As soon as you turn off the hot water or climb out of the tub, grab your bottle of condition, and squeeze a dime size glob in your hand. Rub your hands briskly together then apply the condition to your still wet, still warm skin. While it helps to pat not rub dry, in the end it really makes little noticeable difference.

While you can combat winter dry skin and still enjoy one or two hot showers each day, you need to faithfully apply conditioner to your skin after each shower. Otherwise it will begin to dry and crack and itch.

The Fluids You Drink

Taking care of the outside is only a piece of the battle. Another key to combating winter dry skin is to drink plenty of water. While you may drink all the coffee, tea, or soda you wish, they do little to combat the problem. In fact, they all have a diuretic effect which causes your body to eliminate fluids. A daily quota of eight 8-ounce glasses of water is the best way to keep your skin lubricated from the inside out.

Hands and Feet

Because our hands and feet tend to be our driest extremities, it is important to give them extra care and attention in the winter. Our feet benefit from their protected environment inside our shoes and boots. However, our hands get used and abused and exposed repeatedly to winter’s dry air.

To further complicated matters, many ranch women use their hands hard – outside and inside. Together these create a recipe for seriously dry skin. Dry. Flaky. Itchy. Cracking. It can go from bad to worse.

While drinking water, using baby soap and applying conditioner will benefit our hands, it often is not quite enough. Winter dry hands need extra attention to combat their daily abuse.

Glycerin is a wonderful agent to combat winter dry skin. While it is a bit unpleasant to use, it pays off big time. If your hands or feet are in need of serious attention, slather them in pure glycerin and cover them with cotton gloves or socks.

Most find putting glycerin on their feet before putting on their socks and shoes not at all uncomfortable. However, putting glycerin on our hands, followed by a pair of gloves? Who has time for it?

The best solution is to apply the glycerin and the gloves last thing before crawling in bed at night. The glycerin does its work while you sleep. You wake to softer, more pliable, happier hands.

If, however, you just cannot bear the thought of sleeping in gloves, try applying the glycerin and gloves and settling in to watch a good movie or TV show. If you watch at least two hours, you will have given the glycerin time to work.

One further northern Rocky Mountain skin care tip. This one will probably sound the least likely of all. Nonetheless, it does its job with little fuss and no inconvenience.

Anyone who has spent time in a dry, cold, high altitude winter environment has dealt with dry, cracked fingers. You know. The cracks which develop on your fingertips – usually on the very end or near your fingernails. The ones that burn like fire and bleed if you even look at them.

The easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to deal with sink cracks is to dab a drop of Superglue on the crack. Not only will it seal the crack, preventing further drying, burning, and bleeding, it will also protect it from irritation and help it to heal.

As time passes, the Superglue will wear off. Continue to apply a fresh application as needed until the crack heals – from the inside out.

Winter dry skin can make life miserable. However, combating it does not have to be hard, expensive, or complicated. A few common, inexpensive everyday products, a minute extra after your shower, and a good daily dose of water and you will find your winter dry skin blues have disappeared.

Why Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is a Great Money Saver and is Worth the Value

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is a nice place to stay on the Las Vegas strip because it has a great value. It is one of the cheaper hotels on the strip, and you will get your money’s worth. I think they average between $50- $100 a night depending on the day of the week that you are staying, or the events that may be going on in the city. If there is a big convention in town, it could be more. It is also a great place to stay if you are bringing the whole family as every time that I have visited The Excalibur, I have seen plenty of children around.

Excalibur’s theme is Medieval, which you can tell even by driving by. The hotel is a giant castle, which has two adjoining towers to house their hotel rooms. This hotel and casino that is just like bandar judi bola are starting to get older, but they do a good job of keeping it nice and clean. There are plenty of food options to please everyone. On the third floor, there is a food court that has McDonald’s, Quiznos, and Krispie Kreme if you want to pick up a bite. They also have a buffet which is pretty good and really reasonable compared to other nearby. On the second level or the casino level, they offer a variety of cafes, coffee shops, and other nicer restaurants to please any taste. And for about $50 a person, you can go and see their dinner show in the basement which I have heard is awesome.

The basement also houses their arcade, a huge selection of carnival-style games as well as redemption and nonredemption games. If you send the kids down there they will not be bored! It is one of the biggest arcades on the strip and one of the best. There are restrooms down there and it is one of the only places in the casino that is smoke-free, so you can rest assured that it is kid-friendly. The Excalibur is also currently remodeling their pool, but it will reopen sometime this year (2007).

The majority of the shops at The Excalibur Hotel and Casino are located on the third floor. They offer everything from gifts to things that you may have forgotten on your trip. You can get an aqua massage there as well. The Excalibur’s shops are some of the only places on the Strip I have found affordable souvenirs. Not sure why I just found that their prices are better. I also recommend visiting the fudge shop because they have some of the best fudge in town!

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is located at the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd. It is towards the south end of the strip, between New York, New York, and The Luxor. I think that it has a great location because you have good access to anywhere on the strip you may want to go to. There is an elevated sidewalk you can take over Tropicana to New York, New York, or there is a moving walkway or free monorail to The Luxor. The free monorail also goes to Mandalay Bay, and it runs almost 24 hours a day.

Overall, I would recommend staying at The Excalibur Hotel and Casino because it is cheap and a great value. And, if you are traveling with children, there are plenty of options to keep them busy and happy the whole trip!

Infidelity: The End?

I wish I could tell you how many times a friend has come to me with the same problem:”My wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on me. What should I do?”

The answer has always seemed obvious to me. Infidelity should be the end of the relationship. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and sometimes extraneous factors come into play. So when should infidelity be the end? And should couples be able to forgive and forget?

Children seem to be one of the deciding factors, which gives me hope for humanity. Couples who have problems related to infidelity worry about ending the marriage and traumatizing their children. More and more couples are divorcing these days, and studies show that the affects on children can be dangerous. But is it healthier for a child to grow up in a home where their parents hate each other and hurt each other constantly? Or is it better for a child to grow up in a positive atmosphere where their parents have decided they cannot live together?

I think that part of it should be about how the infidelity occurred. Was it one partner or many? Over a period of years, months or weeks? Does the unfaithful party appear remorseful for the act? This must be determined on an individual basis, and sometimes we have to face the facts: our wife or husband isn’t who we thought they were.

Whether or not the guilty ones are remorseful of their actions or not is a different matter. The main issue is that the victims has to be careful on choosing their partners more carefully from the beginning knowing what times they live in as they are not dealing with Cialis auf Rechnung that they can take things casually.

No man ever thinks that he will come home one day to find his wife having sex with another man on the couch. No woman ever expects to be called at work by a mistress who wants to reveal her husband’s dirty secret. Yet it happens every day. More importantly than the question of whether infidelity should end a relationship, how is it possible that we midjudge our partners so easily?

The fact is that, in my mind, there can be only one reason for infidelity. The only reason to search for sex outside the marriage is because your husband or wife is not satisfying you at home. That doesn’t mean that the problem has to be sexual, though in many cases it is, but that one or both members of the relationship can’t be happy.

This leaves you with two choices: 1. Fix the problem; or 2. Separate.

If you truly aren’t happy, I don’t believe that you should stay together because of the children, or because of economic status, or because you’re afraid of your family’s contempt. Married couples who suffer from infidelity do not have any business being together, because lives should only connect on the bases of trust, love and respect. You can’t possibly have an extra-marital affair with those qualities.

If your partner has committed an act of infidelity, my advice is to cut your losses while there’s still time. If nothing else, you should at least live apart for a while, until you can understand the reasons for the breach of trust. If you do decide that you can work it out together, it will take time before trust can be rebuilt again. I would recommend couples’ terapy for a while, at least until you can come to an understanding.

Starting a Thrift Store For Your Nonprofit Organization

Thrift stores provide an important and much needed service to low and middle-income families within the local community. They are also an excellent source of funding for nonprofit organizations looking to supplement their income from fundraisers to further their cause. Before you start your thrift store, you’ll need to meet with your board of directors and establish the logistics, such as staffing needs, the legal structure and financing.

How to Start a Nonprofit Thrift Store

Step 1

Secure commercial space for your thrift store. Ideally, look for as much space as you can afford, but it is recommended that you have at least 800 square feet for your showroom (more if you will sell furniture) and 1,000 square feet for your backroom, processing area and donations center. Crowded or cluttered thrift stores make it hard to keep track of inventory and are unpleasant for customers. Don’t assume that because you are a thrift store you don’t need to be competitive. Implement steps to ensure that customers will return. Organize racks by size or color. Implement shelving for home goods and shoes. Use mannequins to display your nicer items. Clean your store regularly and decorate your storefront windows.

Step 2

Establish standards for the merchandise you will sell. If you decide to take torn or stained goods, consider putting these items on a discounted rack of their own. Learn to sew, in order to repair and mend clothing.

Step 3

Contact an insurance broker to purchase fire, theft and liability insurance for your nonprofit thrift store. Start with your current insurance provider for your nonprofit or your personal broker for home insurance.

Insurance is the most important thing when it comes to opening up new business ventures and even small scale industries are not far behind in this matter. An rfp response training is enough to learn about insurance in its entirety and thrift stores are quite difficult to handle.

Step 4

Determine the logistics of how you will receive donations. Procure bins, scales to weigh the merchandise, blank receipts to give to customers, inventory management software, tags, hangers, a cash register and merchant account, racks and shelving.

Step 5

Establish shifts for volunteers. Generally, 4-hour shifts are ideal. You don’t want to overwhelm your volunteers with lengthy shifts. Volunteers can elect to work more, if they so choose. Create job duties for each volunteer position, such as accepting donations and offering receipts, organizing clothing in the warehouse, helping customers on the floor and operating the cash register. Be sure to have a good staff to volunteer ratio to ensure that there is always an experience staff member on hand to guide any new volunteers.

Step 6

Contact local news organizations and radio stations to help you generate interest for your nonprofit thrift store’s grand opening. Ask them to provide detailed information on the donation process and the history of your nonprofit.

Additional Considerations

Offer special sale days and various events to further promote the store.

Have customers subscribe to an online newsletter for information on special sale days or events.

Develop a website for your business. If you don’t have the skills to design your own site, ask a high school or college student to help in exchange for publicity or a small fee. They may be willing to do it for free.

Don’t be afraid to call other charitable organizations in your town and offer to take their unwanted or excess donations. Nonprofits have different standards. What they might consider junk, you may be able to mend or repair and sell in your store.