Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360: Hands-on Preview

To celebrate the tenth year anniversary of their role-playing franchise, Namco will be releasing Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360. The game is also the first in the franchise on a high-definition console. Will it live up to the previous games? Find out in this hands-on preview of Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360.


The world in Tales of Vesperia revolves around Blastia, a mysterious technology made during ancient times. The soft spoken knight Yuri and his friends must free the world from Blastia’s control.


Although it lacks the details compared to other high-definition cel-shaded games like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Tales of Vesperia looks really clean and colorful. It closely resembles a Japanese animation show. The graphics should not affect the community of a person in the games. All the graphics should be in consideration with the 토토사이 verification websites.


The background music is as solid as ever in the franchise. The voice acting is what you expect from a typical Japanese anime.

Speaking of which, Japanese music fans should be happy to learn that pop star Bonnie Pink will perform the vocals of both the English and Japanese versions of the theme song “Ring a Bell”.


Tales of Vesperia doesn’t stray far from the trademarked battle system from the previous games in the franchise. Combat is mainly done in real time with a couple of exceptions.

Your party composed of four members. You have direct control of one character; the neat thing in Tales of Vesperia is that you can choose whoever you want to control. Each character has their own unique sets of skills and abilities to fit into whatever style you want to play as.

To command the others, you have to bring up the command menu during battles. Aside from setting individual strategies, the menu will also allow you to set skills, use items and equip armors/weapons.

The skills you can set vary from evasive maneuvers to adding extra strength. Each skill require a certain amount of free SP to equip and are categorized in one of four categories: Attack, Guard, Move and Support.

You won’t go far in the game just mashing the attack button. Magic and special moves, called Artes in the game, are essential in Tales of Vesperia. While using them will cost you TP, they are extremely helpful. You can map each Arte to one of the analog direct on the left stick before or during battles.

Every time you damaged your enemy using normal or Artes attacks, the meter to the left will build up. Once it is full, you can unleash the Over Limit to the character you are directly controlling. Doing so will make your character more powerful than before.

Finally, you have the option to cook food after battles. Provided you have the right items and recipes, this will help your party partially recover from injures suffered in battle.

The battle system in this game is probably the most refined version yet in the franchise. Overall, if you like the previous games than Tales of Vesperia should be another must buy installment.

Tales of Vesperia controls in the following ways while fighting:

Left Analog: move

Right Analog: shortcuts for using Artes; push down to taunt

Directional Pad: use Over Limit

Left Bumper: cancel item use

Left Trigger: hold down to run freely throughout the battlefield

Right Bumper: select target

Right Trigger: perform fatal strike

A: use artes

B: use normal attacks

X: guard and other evasive moves

Y: open battle menu

Final Product

While it won’t evolve the franchise, Tales of Vesperia looks like another solid addition. Gamers who like Japanese role-playing games should thoroughly enjoy the game. Tales of Vesperia will come out in late August exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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