Going out for a hike is a great way to destress and forget about the busy life in the city. It allows you to leave the worries of life and just be with the nature and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. However, relaxing as a hike can be, proper preparation is needed before you can embark into one. This means having the right mindset, along with proper clothing and equipment for hiking.

Whether it’s a short stroll out in forest or a multi-day hike outdoors, it’s necessary to have the correct and appropriate gear to accompany you during a hike. One of the most important tools to bring is a light source. With advancement in light technology, the most common sought-after light source for such activities are those that are equipped with LED (Light emitting diode). They’re more powerful, more economical and have a longer life than traditional builds.

To help you decide which LED light to bring with you on a hike, here are a few things you can consider:

Type and power of beam

This is the main feature in an LED light that you have to check before deciding on which light source to purchase for hiking activities. The brightness of the LED light, along with the distance of the beam it emits are important properties that you need to consider, especially if you’re planning on going on a multi-day hike which will require you to spend the night outdoors.


When on a hike, you will never know what situations you will come across. Should it start raining, it’s important to still have a light source that are not affected by rainwater or any other liquid for that matter. Look for the best waterproof headlamp to bring with you during hiking activities.

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