Tramadol: Possible Treatment For Premature Ejaculation?

There are thousands of health issues and conditions that can lead to premature ejaculation (PE). It is one of the most prominent issues with men who are aged 18-60 years. Some men haven’t exactly come to terms with the fact that they have this condition until it becomes a serious issue in marriage. So what exactly can be referred to as PE? A person could be said to have PE when he experiences early release of sperm at very short duration of time that doesn’t measure up to average time, if this is consistent then it is definitely a case of PE. If it happens often then the first thing to do is seek medical counseling, even though this doesn’t always mean that there is a biological problem, it could be due to anxiety, and a form of mental conditioning which doesn’t allow one function to full capacity.

Researchers have found that men who took tramadol before sex often last longer and the opioid has been identified as the causative agent of the increased ability. The tramadol was found to effectively delay ejaculation just as other antidepressants. The mechanism is not completely certain but the speculation is that the pill alters neurotransmitters in the brain through receptors. This in turn acts to delay ejaculation. This may seem like great news but tramadol is an addictive painkiller and should only be taken in a certain level of physical and mental wellbeing. Abuse of the drug can lead to numerous health implications such as low blood pressure and in severe cases, death.  This depends on the drug history.

If your doctor recommends tramadol to you as a solution to PE, it would have to be off the books, though this is legal but requires very close monitoring as the procedure and reactions are unpredictable so it would be of importance to keep close communication with your physician, informing them on any changes.

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