Whatsapp Plus- A Modified Version Of Original Whatsapp

Nowadays social media affected our life at a huge level. Everyone interacted with each other with the help of social media. Whatsapp plus is one of the best sources among them. It is the advanced version of the original Whatsapp recognized by Rafalete who is Spanish developer.  This app is free to install but need a user license as like the original Whatsapp. This app is quite similar in functions to its original version but provides some advanced functions also which is not present in the real version.  It is also popular as Whatsapp+ or Whatsapp Holo.  This Whatsapp has a blue colored icon whereas its real version has green colored. This modified version of the Whatsapp serves a lot of advanced benefits to us.

Great benefits served by Whatsapp plus

When you are going to download Whatsapp for mobile, you should consider that the modified version of Whatsapp needs to remove the original one. Whatsapp Plus is easy to operate they don’t need some extra skills or knowledge about it. This version of Whatsapp provides us a lot of benefits which the original one can’t. The original Whatsapp had only one theme which is fixed, obviously, people get bored from the only one. Whatsapp plus facilitate the new variety of themes to their users. Users can choose any one among them according to their wants. There are more than 700 themes available to download. You can choose the best one of your choice.

In fact, Original Whatsapp has no any choice to change the themes because it has only one fixed theme. As well as the themes Whatsapp plus provide a lot of choice in the smileys also. There are a number of emotions available to give effect to the communication.  You can also use it for some more great benefits.

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